Bouquinistes Auction Benefiting the Paris Booksellers

bouquinistes auction

Many of you are familiar with the bouquinistes collaboration I did with French Face about a month ago. It was so much fun putting everything together and seeing how excited everyone was to support the bouquinistes. Shortly after, France went into reconfinement and the booksellers closed again. I’m thrilled to announce the Bouquinistes Auction as a way to do a little something extra to help the Bouquinistes de Paris during the holidays.

Why An Auction?

In thinking of ways to have the most impact in helping the bouquinistes, an auction came to mind. I was fortunate to be able to meet with a few bouquinistes to get some items for the initial auction. Hopefully more meetings can happen as the confinement continues. It would be amazing to hold semi-regular auctions throughout the holiday season.

I explained the auction structure to the bouquinistes when purchasing the items. I can’t even begin to express the deep appreciation in their reactions – some were almost moved to tears. It is truly the most amazing feeling and captures the spirit of the season to be able to help even in the smallest way.

The starting price in the auction is the cost. 100% of any additional revenue generated goes directly back to the bouquiniste. The goal isn’t to drive up the prices of these items into inaccessibility but rather, in the spirit of the season, to give the most back to the bouquinistes.

Items will be shipped from the US to significantly reduce shipping costs – think (as low at $4 for US domestic shipping, even for a hardcover book). If you are not located in the US, please send me an email before the auction ends for an estimated shipping cost.

How To Shop

The auction will take place on La Porte Bonheur, my website for French antiques. You can see the auction directly from the homepage under Bouquinistes Auction.

To place a bid you’ll just need to create an account so that the winner can be contacted via email after the auction ends.

The Bouquinistes Auction is in USD. To change the currency on the website from a desktop just look at the top right corner or bottom left corner. On a mobile device you do it from the “hamburger” (three line) main menu.

The first auction will last through Sunday November 22nd at 11:59 PM Paris time. Winners will have one day to pay for their items, after which the next highest bidder will be notified.

Even if you are unable to participate in the Bouquinistes Auction, there’s an option to donate to the Bouquinistes de Paris on every order you make on La Porte Bonheur through the end of the year.

Bouquinistes Auction Items

Now, for the fun part, I’m going to highlight each of the items featured in the first Bouquinistes Auction!

Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal 1949 Edition
Baudelaire's 'Les Fleurs du Mal' 1949 edition

I fell in love with the beautifully illustrated cover of this 1949 edition of Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal. Just keep in mind, Les Fleurs du Mal translates to “The Flowers of Evil,” – not necessarily a light read!

La Nuit de Paris
La Nuit de Paris
La nuit de Paris Bouquiniste Auction

La Nuit de Paris is one of my favorite books in this first Bouquinistes Auction collection. The energy of Paris literally jumps out through the gorgeous black & white photographs. The description calls Paris and the night the ideal couple, and I couldn’t agree more.

La Seine: Croquis & Souvenirs
La Seine Croquis & Souvenirs book

La Seine: Croquis & Souvenirs would make a great gift for a book collector, anyone interested in rivers, or, bien sûr, the Seine. I especially love the color images that are glued inside, one of which is a reproduction of a Monet painting. The book is an edition of ten and was printed at 40 Rue de Seine in Paris.

La Tour Eiffel Vue par Les Peintres
La Seine Vue par Les Peintres Bouquinistes Auction

See the Eiffel Tower like you never have before through La Tour Eiffel Vue par Les Peintres. The book contains beautiful color illustrations and paintings and even a bonus clipping from a magazine included by the bouquiniste. A unique gift idea for any Paris or architecture lover.

Manet: Lettres à Isabelle, Méry et Autres Dames
Manet: Lettres à Isabelle, Méry et Autres Dames
Manet: Lettres à Isabelle, Méry et Autres Dames

Manet: Lettres à Isabelle, Méry et Autres Dames is a gorgeous hardcover book featuring pastels, water colors, and illustrated letters from Edouard Manet to various women including Isabelle and Méry. I think this would be a sweet and romantic book to give as a gift. Transcriptions of the letters are available at the back of the book (in French).

Paris 1942 Edition
Paris 1942 edition book

This 1942 edition of Paris was printed at 18 Rue Monsieur-le-Prince in Paris and contains 148 photos of Paris. The book shares the history of Paris and various stories. The publisher’s “…only ambition was to draw quick sketches of our city at various times of its long existence and try to show the reader the stages of its constant transformation, with its joys, pains, ebbs and flows.” If that isn’t the perfect way to describe anyone’s attempt to share Paris then I don’t know what is!

Paris des Poètes
Paris des Poètes
Paris poems book

Without a doubt, Paris des Poètes is my favorite from the first Bouquinistes Auction collection. The book contains handwritten poems about Paris, each accompanied by a stunning photograph by Izis and the translation of the poem in English. This book would be an absolute perfect gift for anyone who loves Paris.

Paris 1961 Flammarion Edition
Paris Flammarion book bouquinistes auction

Paris is a great mix of photos of monuments, street scenes, and architectural details. You’ll find the names of places mentioned and often times maps as well.

Picasso par Gaston Diehl
Picasso par Gaston Diehl
Picasso book bouquinistes auction

For art and Picasso lovers, Picasso par Gaston Diehl would be a special gift. The hardcover book features illustrated covers on both the front and back (and a beautiful cover without the jacket) as well as color and black and white illustrations of Picasso’s works.

Toulouse-Lautrec Book Bouquinistes Auction

This Toulouse-Lautrec hardcover coffee table book highlights the colorful and theatrical works of French painter, printmaker, caricaturist, and illustrator Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa.

Quai Voltaire Watercolor by Mati
Quai Voltaire watercolor by Mati Bouquinistes Auction

Also from a bouquiniste is an original watercolor of Quai Voltaire during fall by artist Mati. The watercolor features the bouquinistes along Quai Voltaire and the yellow fall trees, the Pont du Carrousel, and Institut de France in the background. I met Mati right after moving to Paris so his works are very special to me.

Hotel du Quai Voltaire Watercolor by Mati
Hotel du Quai Voltaire Mati watercolor

Another Mati original, the Hotel du Quai Voltaire watercolor and features the facade of the hotel including a small sidewalk terrasse and the famous Parisian rooftops. Mati normally sells his watercolors in front of Hotel du Quai Voltaire. The hotel is currently undergoing renovations and will reopen as a four star hotel.

I am so excited to share the first Bouquinistes Auction. The pieces will bring a bit of Paris and France to your home, while most importantly helping to support the beloved bouquinistes.

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