Weekend Links: Week 32

weekend links week 32 parisian sunrise

I’ve been looking forward to this week for a very long time. Some of my closest friends and family are in town for a wedding next week in Provence. It’s always wonderful having people visit, but it’s especially fun when there’s a celebration involved. My dad arrives today and I can’t wait to take him to all of my spots. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 32 include the lifting of Covid entry requirements in France, a look at Dior’s new Parisian café inspired furniture collection, an guide for an art lover’s trip to the French Riviera, and a closer look at the creation of Chanel No. 5. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 31

weekend links week 31 plaza athenee eiffel tower view

This week I had the extraordinary opportunity to be a part of photographer Gray Malin’s “Dogs of Paris” photoshoot. Gray and I went to the same high school in Dallas and connected last December. It was an incredible shoot in iconic places throughout Paris including the Plaza Athénée, Palais Royal, Ladurée, and the Jardin des Tuileries. The photos will be released at the end of September, just in time for the holidays. I can already promise that if you love Paris, dogs, or both you will adore this series. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 31 include a list of the 14 best restaurants in Paris, a Bennifer guide to Paris, and vintage photos of Eden Roc. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 30

weekend links week 30 roses in paris

I learned a big lesson the hard way this week – if there is a heatwave in France, do not under any circumstances get on a train. I had what I thought would be a quick roundtrip to London on Tuesday and ended up spending nearly seven hours on the train coming back, some of the time without electricity (and air-conditioning). Luckily the extreme heat seems to be behind us for now and the week was all downhill from there! Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 30 include information on the upcoming Hôtel Lambert auction, a preview of a new hotel in the Loire Valley, French farmhouse (and Parisian apartment) tours, and a piece on Jean Imbert. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 29

weekend links week 29

We escaped (temporarily) the heatwave in Paris and headed for Normandy. It’s been a great long weekend with Bastille Day on Thursday and I already wish we could stay all summer. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 29 include a list of new Paris restaurants to try, the five best resorts in France, and a list of the 10 best Paris hotels. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 28

weekend links week 28 la palette

Some weeks are better than others, and I think Weekend Links Week 28 is an especially good one. Some of my favorites include a plan to recreate the Northern Lights over Notre Dame this summer, a cheese lover’s guide to Paris, plenty great lists of hotels in Paris and recaps from Haute Couture week. Enjoy!

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