Weekend Links: Week 39

weekend links week 39 parisian sunrise

I’m back after three weeks off from Weekend Links. The reason being that three weeks ago Romain and I got married in Paris. Having our families and friends together to celebrate was more magical than we could’ve ever expected. We’ll never forget all of the joy and love that we felt – it was truly the best weekend of our lives. I’ve shared a little from our wedding on Instagram. Now I’m back to work and am very excited about lots of upcoming projects this fall. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 39 include an article on Paris’ urban farms, a love story about an American WWII veteran reuniting with a French woman he fell in love with during the war and a list of the best things to do in Brittany. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 35

weekend links week 35 featured

I originally intended to take all of August off from work, which didn’t happen. But now, I am actually going to take three weeks off for real. I’m not sure if I’ll do Weekend Links over the next three weeks or not. I love doing them, but I might take a total break – we’ll see! Some of my favorites from this week include a list of the best new restaurants in Paris, a look at a “secret” wine region, and a beauty lover’s guide to Paris. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 34

small paris house weekend links week 34

This week is probably the first week since I’ve had an Instagram that I don’t think I’ve posted a single story. It wasn’t intentional, but I must admit it felt pretty great. The coming weeks are going to stay busy for me, so I’ll likely keep up the Instagram “pause” for the most part until mid-September. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 34 include a list of the best bars in Paris right now, photos of an incredible manor apartment in the French countryside, and a look at new residences in the Loire Valley. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 33

weekend links week 33 marseille

The last week absolutely flew by. We had the best time with my dad and lots of friends in Paris and Provence celebrating a wonderful couple. Since we were in Avignon, we decided to take the train to Marseille for lunch by the water which was so much fun. Romain and I have both already mentioned several times how sad we are that everyone is gone, but we’re counting down the days until we’ll be together again. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 33 include a list of some of the most beautiful restaurant interiors in the world with several Paris spots, previews of new movies and series set in France, and a review on a dreamy Provence hotel. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 32

weekend links week 32 parisian sunrise

I’ve been looking forward to this week for a very long time. Some of my closest friends and family are in town for a wedding next week in Provence. It’s always wonderful having people visit, but it’s especially fun when there’s a celebration involved. My dad arrives today and I can’t wait to take him to all of my spots. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 32 include the lifting of Covid entry requirements in France, a look at Dior’s new Parisian café inspired furniture collection, an guide for an art lover’s trip to the French Riviera, and a closer look at the creation of Chanel No. 5. Enjoy!

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