Weekend Links: Week 42

orange leaves in the tuileries weekend links week 42

For the first time in a long time I’m putting this post together from Les Antiquaires on a Saturday morning. I usually have the post finished and scheduled by Friday, but it’s a nice change to spend a quiet morning reading at a café. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 42 include news on an upcoming Marie Antoinette series, details on a recently opened cheese-aging cellar in a Paris hotel, a guide to Toulouse, and an article about the history of La Madeleine. Enjoy!

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Five Friday Finds from France: October 15th

ivy in paris on the left bank. five friday finds from france featuring nathalie lete anthropologie french holiday decor

The leaves are really starting to change and it is oh so exciting. Paris is wonderful any time of year but I strongly recommend coming in the fall – it’s perfection. I wish I could spend every second of every day outside right now. I think another reason why I love this season is my mind starts drifting towards the holidays…which you will see in this week’s Five Friday Finds from France! There’s another Nathalie Lete x Anthropologie collaboration that’s perfect for the holidays, a great list of where to buy French home decor, an address for fabulous mashed potatoes in Paris for my fellow purée lovers and more!

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Weekend Links: Week 41

weekend links week 41 villandry gardens featured

We’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather in Paris lately and I am so looking forward to some very leisurely strolls this weekend. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 41 include the story of Air France, lots of photos from Fashion Week, an article on how scientists deciphered Marie Antoinette’s redacted love notes, and a list of five French Netflix shows to watch. Enjoy!

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Five Friday Finds from France: October 8th

le saint germain in five friday finds from france featuring ritz paris x frame collaboration, marin montagut's new timeless paris book and more

Ever since la rentrée in September the pace of everything has seemed to pick up to full, pre-pandemic speed…plus some. It’s been so exciting and so much fun, but I’m ready for a tiny slow down! This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features Marin Montagut’s new Timeless Paris book, an adorable set of Paris plates, a Ritz Paris x Frame apparel and accessories collaboration and more.

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Weekend Links: Week 40

weekend links week 40 wood door on rue monsieur le prince in paris

This weekend I’m out of Paris and in the Loire Valley for a wedding. It’s so nice to get out of Paris, especially during the fall with changing leaves and gorgeous scenery everywhere. Weekend Links Week 40 is filled with lots of Paris Fashion Week content. It’s been very missed and is always fun to observe. Some of my favorite articles from this week include how la bise is back, a Fashion Week restaurant guide, a list of new brasseries in Paris, 45 vintage “never before seen” photos of celebrities in Paris and more. Enjoy!

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