Back to French Paradise in Normandy

French paradise in Normandy swimmers

The best decision we made in the month of May is to come back to Normandy for a long weekend. Paris has been great with perfect weather, and I’m sure it’s even better now with the parks and gardens open again, but for me nothing compares to this French paradise in Normandy.

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Five Friday Finds from France: May 29th

Lapérouse facade. This week's Five Friday Finds from France includes: phase two of reopening in France and how to get a perfect French bistro steak sear at home

Today is an exciting day. Not only is it a Friday (and a summer Friday at that), but also there’s an energy in Paris that’s been missing for a while. On Tuesday bars, restaurants, and cafés can officially reopen in France, with restrictions in place of course. It’s the best news we’ve had in a while. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features details of the second phase of reopening in France, a recipe for how to get a perfect French bistro steak sear at home, my favorite spot to buy masks in Paris, a cooking trick I learned from Romain’s mom, and more!

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My Own Parisian Window Boxes

I’ve been a fan of window boxes in Paris since my first trip when I saw the iconic red geraniums at Plaza Athénée. When I returned to study abroad I posted a photo of the hotel façade on Instagram joking that it was my address for the semester. It took almost eight years, but I finally have my very own Parisian window boxes filled with geraniums.

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The Best Brioche Buns

The best brioche buns

In honor of Memorial Day I wanted to share this recipe for the best brioche buns. I started making these buns in Normandy and don’t think I’ll be able to go back to store-bought buns again. They’re a perfect cross-cultural food too because while brioche is 100% French, burgers and burger buns are 100% American.

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