A Perfect Day on the Left Bank

a perfect day on the left bank

Last week as a part of my OuiPlease Instagram takeover I shared my idea of a perfect day on the Left Bank. This day was shopping-centric and I included a mini Rue du Bac guide with some of my favorite shops and what to buy. I wanted to focus on this part of Paris because I think it’s a great area to consider staying in whether at a hotel or in an apartment to get a taste of real life in Paris.

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French Summer Bag Essentials

French summer bag essentials

Now that it’s August and summer is in full-swing (or as much as it can be for 2020), I pretty much have a bag by the door ready to go at all times for outdoor activities. Of course it’s more fun, authentic, and oftentimes a better deal to buy these items in France, but for now I wanted to keep the list to things available online. You’ll find a few of my favorite French summer bag essentials including a great market basket, thermal waters, the Institut Esthederm Adaptasun, and more!

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New Books about France that I’ve Purchased

New books about France that I've purchased

My book collection is always growing and I’m always on the lookout for more. From novels to cookbooks and coffee table books, I love them all. France is always a favorite subject and many of my most-loved titles fall into this category. I wanted to share a list of the new (to me) books about France that I’ve recently purchased.

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The Mèze Market

Mèze market olives

We spent the first part of our summer holiday in Mèze, a little paradise not far from Montpellier. If you’re familiar with me you know I love my weekly market in Paris. Markets in small towns in France are usually not to be missed. The Mèze market is no exception.

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