32 Gifts for Francophiles Available Online

32 gifts for francophiles available online

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again to be thinking about holiday gifts, but it is! This year I wanted to put together a group of French gifts all available online. Now that shops are reopening in France starting on Saturday I hope to be able to provide even more options from local places. This list of 32 gifts for Francophiles available online has a little something for everyone!

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Five Friday Finds from France: November 20th

Five Friday Finds from France featuring the Bouquinistes Auction and the Bright Lights Paris print shop

It’s been an incredibly busy but exciting week for me (of course filled with the now normal highs and lows associated with 2020) and I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features some “new to me” Paris discoveries, Molly J. Wilk’s holiday themed virtual pastry classes, Angie Niles’ new Bright Lights Paris print shop, and my new project the Bouquinistes Auction, which I will keep sharing indefinitely, apologies in advance.

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Bouquinistes Auction Benefiting the Paris Booksellers

bouquinistes auction

Many of you are familiar with the bouquinistes collaboration I did with French Face about a month ago. It was so much fun putting everything together and seeing how excited everyone was to support the bouquinistes. Shortly after, France went into reconfinement and the booksellers closed again. I’m thrilled to announce the Bouquinistes Auction as a way to do a little something extra to help the Bouquinistes de Paris during the holidays.

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40 French Christmas Ornaments Available Online

french christmas ornaments available online

I’m excited to put up my Christmas tree and am already thinking about new ornaments to add. I truly believe more is more when it comes to the Christmas tree so I always keep my eyes out for festive ornaments. Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments in Paris are at Astier de Villatte. While I can’t get there right now this list of 40 French Christmas ornaments available online will keep me occupied!

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French Advent Calendars Available Online 2020

French Advent Calendars Available online 2020

Christmas seems to be on hold at the moment in France because of the lockdown. Lights are up but not turned on. Windows are decorated but stores are closed. It’s a little bizarre, but it’s 2020. Luckily, La Grande ร‰picerie is considered to be an essential store and it is filled with all sorts of French Advent Calendars, many of which are available online. I know this is a little bit early…but Advent Calendars require a little bit of advance thinking so you’re ready to go on December 1st (which I’m usually not).

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