The Best Flowers on Rue du Bac

Best Flowers on Rue du Bac

Rue du Bac is one of my favorite streets in Paris. It’s filled with everything I love about the city from cafés and restaurants to chocolate shops and patisseries, great shopping, and truly so much more. One of my weekly Paris traditions is buying the flowers on Rue du Bac from the best “shop,” Sanjina Fleurs.

Rue du Bac has its share of flower shops (I think there are four). Each is aesthetically pleasing and has slightly different offerings whether potted plants, pre-arranged bouquets, or miniature displays. But I promise, the best flowers on Rue du Bac are only available from Friday to Sunday.

Sanjina Fleurs is based in Montmartre, but every weekend you’ll find an outpost on Rue du Bac. There isn’t a storefront, but you’ll find them set up at approximately 75 Rue du Bac, just in-between the Franprix and Les Amabassades.

Best Flowers Rue du Bac Paris
Rue du Bac Fleurs

Every week (and even by the day) the assortment changes based on what’s seasonal. It’s really a highlight of my week to see the colors and textures Sanjina Fleurs brings to Rue du Bac.

The quality of the flowers really doesn’t compare to anything else that I’ve seen. I love flowers and buy them every week both at home in the US and here in Paris. I promise I’ve never had any last as long as they do from Sanjina Fleurs. The quality is so good that I actually only buy flowers once every two weeks.

Paris is the perfect city for flowers. Sanjina Fleurs is my go-to flower shop no matter if I’m shopping for myself or for a gift (see my Rue du Bac Gift Guide here). If you’re in Paris for an extended period of time or even just want to brighten up your hotel room or apartment, head to Rue du Bac and say that Landen sent you!

Sanjina Fleurs Paris
Sanjina Fleurs Paris

Update: I am so excited to announce that my favorite weekend flower man now has a storefront, just around the corner from his weekend location – and he’s open every day!

Les Fleurs de Sanji – 69 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris


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