Five Friday Finds from France: October 29th

rue de seine blue door. five friday finds from france featuring the ritz paris x marin montagut collaboration and the diptyque holiday collection

I think I’ll stop announcing my work schedule is slowing down because whenever I think that’s the case it ends up being false! I’ve enjoyed every single moment I’ve had to be outside and take in the beautiful fall weather. The leaves are starting to really change colors and it’s been so striking to see them against a bright blue sky. This weeks Five Friday Finds from France features a fun book on cheese, the dreamy Ritz Paris x Marin Montagut collaboration, Diptyque’s Holiday Collection and more.

The Diptyque Holiday Collection

diptyque holiday collection 2021

The Diptyque Holiday collection is out and my oh my…if you like holiday scents like I do it will be nearly impossible to choose just one candle. This year the three scents are Sapin (pine tree), Biscuit (holiday cookie), and Flocon (snowflake). I love a classic fir scent, so I think Sapin was my ultimate favorite. Biscuit really surprised me, it smells like something sweet is baking in the oven…I loved it. Flocon was really nice as well, and the most neutral of the three so you could really use it year round.

Diptyque also has fun lanterns and carrousels that you can put above the candles to play with the light. And, if you’re in Paris, they still have a few of the beautiful Advent Calendars available!

Ritz Paris x Marin Montagut

ritz paris x marin montagut

Last week I visited the absolutely amazing Marin Montagut boutique on the Left Bank with my friend and number one Marin fan Amy. It is filled to the brim with treasures that would make great gifts for either yourself or someone else. Last week Marin also released a beyond adorable limited edition collaboration with the Ritz Paris. If you love the Ritz you’ll love this Ritz Paris x Marin Montagut collaboration. I can’t get past the pillow! The items will be available in the Ritz boutique starting on November 25th.

Cheese, Illustrated Book

cheese, illustrated book

This Cheese, Illustrated book would be the perfect gift for a cheese lover like myself. It gives the descriptions and origins, plus different food and wine pairings and serving ideas for each cheese. I can see myself flipping through the book at random and picking different cheeses for a board.

My Weekend Flower Man’s New Shop

best flowers in paris

I really only buy my flowers in Paris from one place, and that’s my (former) weekend flower man on Rue du Bac. He’s now not just a weekend flower man because he has his own shop just around the corner from where he was – now at 69 Rue de Grenelle. I’m so thrilled that he has a storefront and hope that everyone will go see him and enjoy his beautiful flowers!

Comme Gangnam Korean BBQ

comme gangnam paris

It seems like I always have to include at least one new restaurant discovery, and this week it’s Korean BBQ at Comme Gangnam in Paris. Yes, it’s not French food but it is such a fun and delicious place. We just had to order La Grande Roue (the ferris wheel) to try. They take reservations and would be a fun place to go with a group of friends, on a date, or with children!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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