The First Bouquinistes Auction Results

first bouquinistes auction results

Today bouquinistes were allowed to reopen after the lockdown forced them to close for the second time this year. Which means I had the opportunity to deliver the proceeds from the first Bouquinistes Auction! I am so excited to share the results. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share and spread the word about the auction, bid on items, make additional donations, and express interest in participating in future Bouquinistes Auctions.

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Five Friday Finds from France: November 27th

Five Friday Finds from France Thanksgiving Table

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrated. I was reluctant to do a dinner for two but it ended up being a great evening and meal and the perfect segway into Christmastime. Although I already have a tree. Because I had an all day formation civique for my French “integration” process, Thanksgiving planning kind of took up all of my spare time this week. So…this week’s Five Friday Finds from France is all Thanksgiving related. Tomorrow shops are reopening in Paris so we should be back to normal next week.

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Thanksgiving in Paris 2020

thanksgiving in paris 2020 jardin du luxembourg

Thanksgiving in Paris still doesn’t feel completely normal to me, but it’s at least familiar. This year will be my fourth spent in Paris, but only my second without family. And like most other people gathering or doing something to mark the holiday, it’s going to look very different than it ever has before.

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32 Gifts for Francophiles Available Online

32 gifts for francophiles available online

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again to be thinking about holiday gifts, but it is! This year I wanted to put together a group of French gifts all available online. Now that shops are reopening in France starting on Saturday I hope to be able to provide even more options from local places. This list of 32 gifts for Francophiles available online has a little something for everyone!

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