Best of 2020

eiffel tower sunset best of 2020

I can’t say this year exactly flew by, but at least it’s almost over! 2020 certainly wasn’t all bad, and it’s always better to focus on the positives. Originally I was going to pick one event or thing per month to make my ‘Best of 2020’ list, but decided not to limit the things that brought joy this year.

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The Ritz Paris Christmas Tree 2020

ritz paris christmas tree 2020

Seeing the Ritz Paris Christmas Tree is something I’ve really come to look forward to every year, but especially in 2020. Being inside the hotel is a special experience no matter what time of year, but there’s just something about it during the holidays that is absolutely magical. Floral designer Anne Vitchen really outdid herself with the tree this year.

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Still in Normandy

Still in Normandy Carolles beach

It’s September 2nd and I’m still in Normandy. We’d planned to come at the end of August for one last weekend of summer. Surprise, surprise, we’re still here. September is such a great month for a little bit of summer without the crowds and I’m soaking up every moment before heading back to Paris.

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