One Year of the Pandemic in France

one year of the pandemic in france carolles sunset

The pandemic has been in France and around the world for more than a year, but for me today is the anniversary. On the evening of March 16th, 2020 President Macron announced the first lockdown, for an initial period of 15 days. Romain, Dalton and I were already in Normandy, soon to be joined by more of Romain’s family.

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The Ritz Paris Christmas Tree 2020

ritz paris christmas tree 2020

Seeing the Ritz Paris Christmas Tree is something I’ve really come to look forward to every year, but especially in 2020. Being inside the hotel is a special experience no matter what time of year, but there’s just something about it during the holidays that is absolutely magical. Floral designer Anne Vitchen really outdid herself with the tree this year.

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Dîner Cousu-Main in the Garden at Musée Christian Dior

Garden of Musée Christian Dior in Granville

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the second Dîner Cousu-Main in the garden at Musée Christian Dior in Granville. The dinner at La Bonne Aventure together with Mauviel 1830 featured Granville-native Chef Alex Néel and a meal inspired by both Christian Dior’s La Cuisine Cousu-Main cookbook and local products.

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