JK Place Paris: Your New Home on the Left Bank

JK Place Paris Entrance

The Left Bank needed JK Place Paris. From the moment you walk into the hotel it feels different – like you’re truly walking into a private home. And in some ways, you are. There’s so much to love from the immaculate decor and attentive service to the perfect location and well-appointed rooms.

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The Ritz Paris Christmas Tree 2020

ritz paris christmas tree 2020

Seeing the Ritz Paris Christmas Tree is something I’ve really come to look forward to every year, but especially in 2020. Being inside the hotel is a special experience no matter what time of year, but there’s just something about it during the holidays that is absolutely magical. Floral designer Anne Vitchen really outdid herself with the tree this year.

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The Mèze Market

Mèze market olives

We spent the first part of our summer holiday in Mèze, a little paradise not far from Montpellier. If you’re familiar with me you know I love my weekly market in Paris. Markets in small towns in France are usually not to be missed. The Mèze market is no exception.

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