My Christmas in Paris Plan for 2022

my christmas in paris plan for 2022

For the first time since 2019, Christmas in Paris seems like it’s back to normal. There are tons of people, not as many masks, and decorations are almost everywhere you look. Romain and I are spending our first married Christmas in Paris which will be fabulous, but I also wish I could be in two places at once and back home with my family too. To inject a little extra cheer into the holiday I’ve booked tons of different Christmas activities: some new to me and others are old favorites. I can’t wait to celebrate and of course share my Christmas in Paris plan for 2022.

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A Weekend Trip to Normandy

a weekend trip to normandy granville

Romain and I jump at any opportunity we get to leave Paris for the weekend. Between Romain starting his new job and my visit to the US we’ve stuck pretty close to home this fall. When Veteran’s Day landed on a Friday we jumped at the opportunity to take a weekend trip to Normandy. This part of Normandy is truly one of my favorite areas in France. It would be a wonderful add-on to a trip to the D-Day landing beaches and memorials, Mont Saint-Michel, or both!

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