A Walk Through Jardin du Luxembourg in the Fall

A Walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg in the Fall

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m feeling pretty anxious about the coming week. With COVID-19 number rapidly rising everywhere, the upcoming US elections and President Macron speaking tonight to address a potential re-confinement…it’s just a lot. I thought it might be nice today to take a leisurely walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg in the fall. And since it is fall and the chances of needing to warm up are higher, I’m including where to eat and drink near the Jardin du Luxembourg.

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Assemblée Nationale Visit During European Heritage Days

Interior of the Assemblée Nationale

As a part of the European Heritage Days yesterday I decided to visit the Assemblée Nationale. In France the European Heritage Days are called the Journées du Patrimoine. Every September there’s one weekend where places normally not open to the public are open and free. From the rose garden to the stunning interior spaces, I thought the Assemblée Nationale was perfect.

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The Story Behind Paris’ Beloved Green Chairs

Paris green chair

Whether you call them Luxembourg chairs, SENAT chairs, or just Parisian green chairs, you know they’re a major part of Paris parks. They’re a constant no matter the season. Today they’re so plentiful that you can almost always find one available to sit down and take a break. These green chairs are a simple but integral part of Paris. And like most everything in Paris, there’s a history behind these green SENAT chairs.

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Falling Back in Love with Paris

Falling back in love with Paris Chez Julien

I need to start this post off by saying I never fell out of love with Paris. But like anything, after a while things can start to feel so “normal” that you don’t realize how special they are. After about a year and a half, living in Paris was having this effect on me. Since the confinement has ended and lockdown has lifted, I’ve found myself falling back in love with Paris.

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