Weekend Links: Week Eight

weekend links week eight paris morning pont royal

I caught up on some much-needed rest last weekend which changed my entire week. Romain and I had an early Valentine’s Day dinner at home with caviar (served with both chips and blinis), a special steak that my dad carried on the plane to Paris from Dallas, and Aligot. We decided it was going to be our new tradition going forward. On actual Valentine’s Day I had a fun lunch with girlfriends at Mon Square. I rarely go out for lunch during the week and it was a great reminder that I need to do it more often. Being self-employed has pros and cons, the biggest con for me being I’m not very good at taking breaks or time off. This weekend we have a lunch that I’ve been looking forward to for a while but otherwise no plans. I’m looking forward a relaxing weekend before heading out of town next week. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Eight include Thom Browne’s guide to Saint-Tropez, a must-visit Paris restaurant from Anthony Bourdain, and an amazing experience at Palais Garnier. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week Seven

weekend links week seven flowers in paris

Last weekend was nonstop, which left no time to rest and recharge for another super busy week. I am definitely feeling the exhaustion and am so looking forward to a weekend of nothing. Romain and I are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with a special dinner at home. We’ve been planning the menu for about a month now and cannot wait. We received prints from our wedding this week so it will be the perfect moment to look at them together. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Seven include a list of the best day trips to take from Paris, a salad recipe that includes croissants, a list of the best restaurants in Paris that I could’ve written – it even mentions Le Voltaire’s margarita, and a touching and funny article on French food markets. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week Six

weekend links week six january morning pont royal paris

My favorite day of the past week was without a doubt Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and all Romain and I did was walk around without a destination in mind. I think this is one of the best ways to truly experience Paris, and I highly recommend leaving a day without a plan at all in your schedule if you have the flexibility. The rest of the week got away from me with too much going on, but sometimes that happens. I extended my Instagram break (which I can also highly recommend) – but I promise I will be back next week. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Six include a great list of the best hotels in Paris in 2023, a goodbye to Le Castiglione, and a Notre Dame update. Enjoy!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Francophiles 2023

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Francophiles

Now more than ever, I think Valentine’s Day should be less about grand gestures and more about doing heartfelt things to honor the people you love, whether that’s a friend, a family member, a partner, or yourself. I created this list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for Francophiles last year and updated it this year. There’s a little something for everyone – I think these French-inspired gifts (all available online) would make the day extra special!

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December 2022 Recap

plaza athenee chalet december 2022 recap

I started a draft of this December 2022 Recap post on January 5th. We were off to go skiing later that day, and I thought I’d finish the post on the train there. Spoiler alert – it’s now January 30th and the post is finally being published. December is an excellent month to visit France so hopefully this recap can serve as a reference point for future travel during the festive period!

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