Weekend Links: Week 20

weekend links week 20 pink geraniums in paris

I spent a large part of this week trying to catch up on work following my mom and sister’s visit last week. There is an absolute enormous demand for travel in France this summer, which is so wonderful. I’m so lucky that I can help clients create their dream trips to Paris and France – I really have to pinch myself sometimes! A personal highlight from the week came on Friday, when after quite literally four months of waiting for paperwork to arrive, Romain and I were able to set a date for our civil ceremony. In France, the only way to be legally married is with a civil ceremony, which needs to be done before a religious ceremony if the couple chooses to have one. So needless to say, it’s a huge relief that we finally have our date. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 20 include everything about Ina Garten in Paris, a review of a Left Bank hotel bar, and a guide to Saint-Tropez. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 19

weekend links week 19 parisian roses on balcony

It’s been such a fun week having my mom and sister visiting. We’ve gotten a lot done and it’s been nice to relax and play tourist in Paris for a bit as well. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 19 include a look at the new Martha Stewart for Baccarat collection, a list of 12 stunning French castles, a wonderful guide to Paris from a Chanel parfumer and a look inside the Pierre Frey owners’ homes. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 18

weekend links week 18 wisteria in saint germain

It’s been a huge and exciting week for us with the addition of sweet Boomer to our family. We’ve had the best time introducing him to Paris and now we are in Normandy introducing him to Dalton. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 18 include a look inside eight new Paris hotels, a bit about the new ‘Sweet Paris’ cookbook and guidebook, and a history of fabulous villas on the French Riviera. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 17

weekend links week 17 judas tree tuileries

Monday was a holiday, so this week has been the shortest, longest, and most exciting week of the year so far. But more on that later! Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 17 include a story about finding a vintage Vogue mirror in Paris, a gorgeous French countryside estate tour, and an article explaining why a trip to Champagne is the perfect getaway – and I couldn’t agree more. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 16

weekend links week 16 jullouville beach

We had originally planned on coming to Normandy for the long Easter weekend, but had a change of plans and have spent the entire week here. The weather has been fabulous and it’s been so nice spending so much time outside, shopping at all of the different markets, and of course eating lots of seafood. I don’t think I’ll be ready to go back to Paris on Monday! Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 16 include photos of a summer getaway along the Basque coastline, an interview with Rihanna with accompanying photos shot at the Ritz Paris, and a French Easter recipe to try. Enjoy!

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