Weekend Links: Week Seven

weekend links week seven flowers in paris

Last weekend was nonstop, which left no time to rest and recharge for another super busy week. I am definitely feeling the exhaustion and am so looking forward to a weekend of nothing. Romain and I are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with a special dinner at home. We’ve been planning the menu for about a month now and cannot wait. We received prints from our wedding this week so it will be the perfect moment to look at them together. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Seven include a list of the best day trips to take from Paris, a salad recipe that includes croissants, a list of the best restaurants in Paris that I could’ve written – it even mentions Le Voltaire’s margarita, and a touching and funny article on French food markets. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week Six

weekend links week six january morning pont royal paris

My favorite day of the past week was without a doubt Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and all Romain and I did was walk around without a destination in mind. I think this is one of the best ways to truly experience Paris, and I highly recommend leaving a day without a plan at all in your schedule if you have the flexibility. The rest of the week got away from me with too much going on, but sometimes that happens. I extended my Instagram break (which I can also highly recommend) – but I promise I will be back next week. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Six include a great list of the best hotels in Paris in 2023, a goodbye to Le Castiglione, and a Notre Dame update. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week Five

weekend links week five saint germain street

It’s been another incredibly busy week. Looking back I’m not sure I even posted a single Instagram story, which is probably a first for me in a while. While the days have mostly been filled with work (I’m so thrilled to be helping so many of you with 2023 trips to France), there have also been opportunities for fun, including two excellent dinners with friends. This weekend is going to be a relaxing one so we can rest up for the week ahead. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Five include a look at Paris’s high-jewelry collections, a meal Ina Garten can’t miss in Paris, an incredible auction of Jacques Garcia’s collection, and a piece on an 82 year-old traveling alone in France. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week Four

pink paris sky weekend links week four

The past couple of weeks have been very busy – much busier than I expected – but filled with exciting things to come. While it’s been a colder week in Paris we’ve been lucky to have days with a brilliant blue sky, which is always a welcome treat in January. Boomer decided to start taking in the view this week and now puts his front paws up on the bridges as we cross. It’s pretty adorable. We have a fun dinner with friends planned tonight and otherwise are enjoying a quiet weekend. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Four include an article on France becoming the most visited country in 2025, the secret to a long life according to the French, and a good list of seven Paris restaurants to visit at least once. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week Three

weekend links week three courchevel bagatelle view

This week felt like a short one after getting back from Courchevel on Monday afternoon. We had the absolute best time skiing, eating, dancing, and just enjoying the beautiful scenery. I’ll be sharing a recap of our time with members – so if you’re interested in learning more be sure to sign up here. This weekend we are taking it very easy for the first time since really November. I literally cannot wait. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week Three include a list of things to watch if you’ve already finished Emily in Paris (who hasn’t?), a list of the best things to do in Paris for all types of travelers, French recipes perfect for cold winter nights and an announcement about Popeyes (yes, the fried chicken restaurant) opening in France. Enjoy!

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