Weekend Links: Week 32

weekend links week 32 rue du bac red door

Romain so dramatically started this week by saying it was the “worst summer of his life” because of the rain and colder temperatures in Paris. It’s true that it’s been wetter and cooler than normal, but I honestly don’t mind it one bit. I’ve used the time to catch up on some work, including a better late than never publishing of the June 2023 recap. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 32 include a list of the best restaurants in Saint Tropez, a look inside a cool new cocktail bar in Paris, and a preview of the new Titanic exhibit in Paris. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 31

weekend links week 31 bouquinistes sunrise

I didn’t intend on taking time away from Weekend Links, but while I was at home in the US we traveled on two Saturdays, which is when I usually put these together. I had a dog sitting on my lap both times, so using my computer was out of the question. I’m back in Paris and Weekend Links Week 31 is back. Some of my favorites include a cartoon guide to French colloquialisms, a list of the best hotels in the South of France, vintage Chanel references in the new Barbie movie, and a look at how Hermès scarves come to life. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 27

weekend links week 27 rue de verneuil door

I fully expected that I would be putting together this week’s Weekend Links from the US, but American Airlines had other plans for us. Yesterday was…a lot. Truly something I’ve never experienced on a travel day before, but it was a great learning experience. I now have strong opinions on airport hotels, the importance of using a car service, and the benefits of splurging on VIP departure assistance that I will share with my clients. We are now on the plane, hopefully about to push back very shortly! Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 27 include an overview of the current situation in France, a list of great day trip options from Paris, and a foodie trip to the South of France with great tips. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 26

parisian facade with greenery weekend links week 26

Romain and I are in the final stretch before heading to the US for a bit this summer. We both can hardly wait, and yet the “pre-missing” France has already settled in. I had a tartine for breakfast this morning and told myself to enjoy it, as I wouldn’t have anything like it for a while. When planning lunch, Romain, who rarely eats sandwiches, said he needed to have one last “good” sandwich before leaving. I’m sure these little pangs for all things French will intensify over the next week. It’s always a good reminder that distance can make the heart grow fonder. Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 26 include a guide to the Loire Valley, a look at a massive new cocktail bar in Paris, and a list of dreamy South of France villas. Enjoy!

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Weekend Links: Week 25

weekend links week 25 louvre reflection on seine

It really feels like summer is here in Paris and I’ve decided to do my very best to enjoy it as much as possible. Yesterday I closed my laptop before lunch and didn’t open it again. It was a stunning day and I had a girls lunch at a new restaurant that is sure to be a summer staple, attended a fun cocktail event and finished the evening with a double date at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. It was the ultimate Summer Friday! Some of my favorites from Weekend Links Week 25 include a look at a gorgeous villa on the French Riviera, a little guide to Juan-les-Pins, and a piece on Mont Saint-Michel in honor of it’s 1,000th birthday. Enjoy!

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