Spending My First Christmas in Paris

spending my first christmas in paris place vendome

Normally right now I’d be on a plane bound for Dallas heading home for Christmas, New Years, and to celebrate my birthday with friends and family. None of which is happening this year. At this point in 2020 nothing surprises me, but it doesn’t make things feel easier. This year I’ll be spending my first Christmas in Paris and my first Christmas away from my family.

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Weekend Links: Week 28

weekend links week 28 le nemours christmas decorations

It’s a rainy Saturday in Paris – perfect for catching up on some reading. Weekend Links Week 28 is big – it features 25 different articles. Some of my favorites include auction veteran Simon de Pury’s experiences filming Emily In Paris, a great piece on modern French cooking, and a bit on Le Réveillon, the French Christmas Eve (or early Christmas morning) meal. I hope you enjoy!

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Five Friday Finds from France: December 18th

le bon marché christmas decorations 2020

I absolutely can’t believe this is the last Five Friday Finds from France before Christmas! And that we’re one week away from Christmas. This month is flying by. This week is of course Christmas-y, because I’m sure by now you’ve gathered that I’m completely obsessed. There are a few last-minute gift ideas that you can still pull off (including Molly Wilkinson’s cookbook which is available for pre-order) and ways that you can enjoy Paris at Christmas this year and in the future.

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The Ritz Paris Christmas Tree 2020

ritz paris christmas tree 2020

Seeing the Ritz Paris Christmas Tree is something I’ve really come to look forward to every year, but especially in 2020. Being inside the hotel is a special experience no matter what time of year, but there’s just something about it during the holidays that is absolutely magical. Floral designer Anne Vitchen really outdid herself with the tree this year.

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Weekend Links: Week 27

weekend links week 27 rue du bac sunset

Weekend Links Week 27 features a little bit of everything from Paris’ new soul food to the history of Château de Chenonceau and articles about the current protests going on around France. We also learned on Thursday night that the nationwide curfew will go back into effect starting on December 15th. Read on for more!

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