Weekend Links: Week Twelve

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By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Paris and other regions in France are in a modified third lockdown. There are a few articles detailing exactly what that implies. My favorites from Weekend Links Week Twelve include why Paris is the best place in the world to go to the movies, photos of a Loire Valley “fixer upper,” and candy bar ads that show you what doesn’t make it onto the packaging. I hope you enjoy!

Paris To Enter Four-Week Lockdown as France Faces Third Covid Wave

Affordable Housing Earns French Couple the Pritzker Prize

Paris Fashion Week: Escapism, Innovation and Hints of Joy

A Timeless Apartment with a Tonal Parisian Palette

Why Paris Is Still the Best Place in the World to Go to the Movies

Apple Scores Legal Win in France Over App-Privacy Changes

The Paris Commune, 150 years on – from the siege of the capital to ‘Bloody Week’

In Pictures: A Look Back, One Year after France went into Lockdown

After Gambling France Could Dodge New COVID Lockdown, Macron Forced to Back Down

New COVID Variant Is a Lot Harder to Detect

pink magnolia cloud

At Home With Festen, the Parisian Design Duo Perfecting Low-Key Chic

Manuel Canovas, Celebrated French Textile Designer, Has Died

Post-War Paris | Dubuffet, Wols & Fautrier

A Loire Valley Fixer-Upper

France’s Favorite Cheese of 2020 Was… Mozzarella?

48 Hours in Paris

In the 1800s, France, England, and the United States Each Undertook to Move a Massive Egyptian Obelisk

The Vaccine-Hesitant Man of Europe

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France Is Ready to Save the Planet. But Not at the Expense of Meat.

Parisians Reflect on a Year Since First Lockdown

France to Return Klimt Painting to Rightful Heirs After Nazi-Era Sale

Feeling FOMO? What Paris Fashion Week Was Like for Vogue Runway’s Local Reporter

French Designer Isabel Marant on Parisian Style and Stealth Sexiness

Steven Spurrier, Who Upended Wine World With a Tasting, Dies at 79

Emily in Paris‘ Ashley Park Shares Moving Message on Stopping Violence Against Asian Community

These Brilliantly Designed Candy Bar Ads Show You What Doesn’t Make It Onto the Packaging

magnolias in the jardin des tuileries

In a Palace of Colonialism, a ‘Quiet Revolutionary’ Takes Charge

At Lanvin, New Silhouettes — and an Unexpected Pairing

French Officials Cast Doubt on Bayeux Tapestry Loan to Britain

Eurostar ‘Is in Advanced Talks’ with UK and French Governments over Bailout 

When English And French Mix In Literature

Why France Feels it Needs ‘A Dictionary of World French’

Louise Michel: A Leading Light and Feminist Figure in the Paris Commune

Social Experiment Sends 15 Volunteers Into Dark Cave for 40 Days

I hope you enjoyed week twelve of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à tous et à toutes!

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