Five Friday Finds from France: February 7th

Seagulls along the Seine

This week’s Five Friday Finds from France includes two cultural items, two food and drink items, and one future shopping and cultural event. If you know me, this sounds about right. I’m feeling pretty good about my museum count being at two for the first week of February – I need to keep up the pace. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France, in chronological order:

Rediscovering Blend

Blend Burger Paris

It’s no secret that I love burgers. Blend was my OG Paris burger place in 2012 back when they only had one location. Now they have five locations, and they deliver. I’ve taken a lot of friends to Blend over the years and everyone loves it, because it’s a great American-style but elevated burger. But for some reason I haven’t been to Blend since 2018. Romain and I went last Friday for dinner and it was every bit as awesome as I remember. So much so that I almost went back for lunch on Monday…but I resisted. So, if you catch yourself with a burger craving in Paris, definitely check out Blend. It’s one of the best burgers in Paris.

Visiting the Hôtel de Lauzun

Hôtel de Lauzun Music Room Five Friday Finds from France

I have a whole post on Hôtel de Lauzun, the spectacular hôtel particulier on Île Saint-Louis. I recommend checking out the post for the full details, but here’s the SparkNotes version: it’s hard to get into, but if you get the chance don’t pass it up because it’s filled with history and is a massive feast for the eyes. If you want to see it on a future trip to Paris, just send me a message here and I can help you out.

Visiting the Galerie d’Apollon in the Louvre

Galerie d'Apollon at Musée du Louvre

Clearly I was having a Louis XIV style decor moment this week, because on Wednesday I went to the Galerie d’Apollon at the Louvre. I saw on the Louvre’s Instagram that they recently renovated the gallery, which is where they keep the French Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels had me hook, line, and sinker. I’ll write a full post about the experience, but until then just know that it’s another mind-blowing thing to see in Paris.

Trying Café Alain Ducasse

Lé Café Alain Ducasse Five Friday Finds from France

I’ve been wanting to try Le Café Alain Ducasse for a while, but it’s ever so slightly out of range from my apartment so it’s never really top of mind. Yesterday I had a meeting right in that area of “Montparnasse” where the 6th, 7th, 14th, and 15th all seem to touch. On the way I checked out Le Café Alain Ducasse. It was pretty calm which I liked, but the barista says it gets crazy on the weekends. My espresso cost 2.5€ and a double costs 3.5€. Honestly not bad at all for Paris prices. The coffee comes with a mini Alain Ducasse chocolate bar too, which is a very nice touch.

Upcoming Salon du Vintage

Photo Pierre et Gilles. For your eyes only, KL, 2013

After four years of absence, the Salon du Vintage returns to Paris February 22nd and 23rd. This international fair of vintage shopping will have over 100 dealers showing. There will also be a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld, so it’s definitely worth seeing for any fashion lovers.

That’s it for this week’s Five Friday Finds from France – stay tuned for next week! And if you ever have any tips of things I should check out, feel free to send them my way.

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