Five Friday Finds from France

Five Friday Finds from France Valentine's Day windows at Ladurée

I thought it would be a fun way to end each week from Five Friday Finds from France. Tongue twister anyone? My goal with this series is to keep it fun (someone needs to stop me with the ‘f’ words). So, without further ado, this weeks finds…

Pain au chocolats and pastries at Chez Meunier in Neuilly

Chez Meunier

I discovered Chez Meunier from my weekend stay in Neuilly and it was a good one. All of their products are organic, delicious, and beautiful. What more could you ask for? Next time I go I’m going to get there first thing so I can try the pain au chocolats with the chocolate on the outside!

La Grande Epicerie Egg Age Five Friday Finds from France

The Importance of Egg Age

Who knew that egg age mattered? I’m sure a lot of people, but I didn’t know until this week thanks to a handy infographic at La Grande Epicerie. Will this change the way I shop for eggs? Probably not, but I’ll file it away under fun facts from France!

Ladurée Valentine's Day windows Five Friday Finds from France

Ladurée Valentine’s Day Windows

Ladurée eases the blow of saying goodbye to the holidays because they decorate for Valentine’s Day. This year the windows are adorned with the cutest lips. I’m going to be a walking cliché and buy a box and put it on a bookshelf because it makes me happy. I guess I’ll have to suffer through eating the macarons as well – I’ll be buying exclusively the rose flavor. (Also, if you’re looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris, try Lapérouse).

ami noche hana by Oki Sato at Le Bon Marché

‘ami noche hana’ by Oki Sato at Le Bon Marché

I always look forward to the different installations at Le Bon Marché. Christmas is my favorite, and usually it’s hard to transition from Christmas to the non-holiday spirit. This year the transition was easier with Oki Sato’s ‘ami noche hana’ (rain flowers). It’s the perfect mix of interactive and happy. Catch it through February 16th!

Chou Farci Five Friday Finds from France

Chou Farci

Yes, stuffed cabbage is one of my favorites from the week. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and the stars finally aligned for me. The version I tried from Chez Savy was stuffed with something similar to a quiche consistency with ground meat and it was absolutely delicious. Even though it might not be the prettiest dish in the world it sure was tasty.

I hope you enjoyed the first in the Five Friday Finds from France series, be sure to check back for more next week!

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