Best Burger in Paris: Dumbo

Best Burger in Paris Dumbo

Dumbo is hands down the Best Burger in Paris. Period. Game over. No questions asked. In fact, I think it might be the Best Burger I’ve ever had anywhere.

I first saw Dumbo on Instagram and it shot to first place on my list of Paris restaurants to try. I know a good burger when I see one, and this “smash burger” looked great. They only make 100 burgers per day, and they won’t open unless the meat they receive matches their quality standards. My only problem was I was out of town and couldn’t get there.

The day I got back in town I asked Romain if he wanted to try Dumbo. Luckily he agreed, although it wouldn’t have mattered if he said no – nothing was going to keep me from trying what I knew would be the Best Burger in Paris. I think the idea of a diner style, thin-patty with American cheese burger is still a bit of a new interesting concept to some French people. So I at least had novelty on my side.

We arrived just before Dumbo opened at 7PM. Rather than wait, we went to a bar next door to have a beer. When we came back around 7:30PM there were a couple people inside. I thought we had it figured out because most French people wouldn’t consider a 7:30PM dinner, especially on a Saturday.

Dumbo Paris Burger
Dumbo Paris burgers
Dumbo Paris Menu

We tried everything on the menu, besides the seasonal pickles which weren’t available that day (they’re no longer on the menu). There are two burgers on the menu, Cheeseburger and a Classic Cheeseburger with subtle differences. Romain and I both opted for the Classic Cheeseburger because it has two slices of American Cheese. We asked for our burgers with no ketchup and mustard, but the secret sauce that comes with the Cheeseburger on the side. So while there are two burgers on the menu at Dumbo, my vote for the Best Burger in Paris goes to the Classic Cheeseburger.

Our fried chicken arrived first with a side of ranch. The first time we went it wasn’t my favorite, and on our second visit I even considered not ordering it. I’m glad I gave it another chance because it was really excellent.

The burgers solidified the Best Burger in Paris title for Dumbo. Romain actually enjoyed his so much that he ordered a second. For round two he decided to try the Cheeseburger and I obviously had a bite. I don’t know if it was the extra slice of cheese or that the lettuce really blocked some of the flavors, but it didn’t hold a candle to the Classic Cheeseburger.

Dumbo Paris Fried Chicken

We went back to Dumbo last Saturday and arrived around 6:45PM and decided to go straight to have a beer. We finished just before 7:15PM and when we got to Dumbo there was a line out the door. The Best Burger in Paris secret is officially out.

All said and done we waited about 45 minutes before we got our food, but I didn’t mind. The food came out piping hot. Everything was just as delicious as it was the first time. The only change we made in our order was one order of fries instead of two (more than enough for two people) and Romain went with one burger instead of two.

I highly recommend going early and trying Dumbo because it really is the Best Burger in Paris.

Dumbo – 64 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris, France

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