Food Instagram

@FoodWithLanden is my dedicated food Instagram. It’s what I’m eating (and sometimes drinking), wherever I go. You’ll see a lot of photos from Paris and Dallas.

I started eating in 1992 and my first solid food was a baby back rib. My mom went out of town and left me with my dad and my grandfather. They gave me a rib and I never looked back. In short, this was a proud Texan with Oklahoma roots moment.

I started my food Instagram in 2014 after a summer of eating very well in Paris. Basically, I wanted to remember the food I ate and the places I went.

I love photographing my food as a way to remember the tastes, places, and fun moments spent around the table with family and friends. You’ll see that I briefly mixed in some photos of food I made, but now I usually I leave the cooking to the experts.

I’m obsessed with researching where I eat – to me there’s nothing worse than having an average meal. Hopefully my food Instagram @foodwithlanden will serve as a mini-guide for where to eat in Paris, Dallas, Harbour Island, New York, Los Angeles, Telluride, Aspen, Bordeaux, Positano, Portofino, Capri, Cinque Terre, and more.

Also, I only post photos of things I actually ate and things I actually liked. I never “eat for the Instagram.” If you see things repeated, take note – they’re absolute favorite dishes and places.

For Paris food and drink, click here to check out some of my favorite places that I’ve written about. Of course, there are plenty of Paris places on my food Instagram too.

For where to eat and drink in Dallas, you can see my guide for The Infatuation here. I also have lots of places on my food Instagram – be sure to check it out!