Dragon: Cyril Lignac’s New Cocktail Bar

Dragon Cyril Lignac Romantic Interior

I’ve been waiting for Cyril Lignac’s cocktail bar Dragon to open on Rue du Dragon on the Left Bank. It’s exactly what the neighborhood needs – a place to go for a craft cocktail that isn’t a hotel bar.

Dragon is across the street from Aux Prés and Le Bar des Prés, Cyril Lignac’s other restaurants on Rue du Dragon. It’s a perfect complement to the other two spots because you get the same awesome, cozy atmosphere, but can just come for a drink.

The Atmosphere

The interior of Dragon fits it perfectly. It’s elegant, simple, and romantic. It feels like its been there for a while and isn’t just a new spot. The bright red carpet and red leather banquettes feel very old-school Paris. The leopard print barstools, white marble bar with bits of red and green, and ombré wood walls make the space more modern.

Cyril Lignac Dragon Bar
Atmosphere at Dragon on the Left Bank
Fish Tank at Dragon on Rue du Dragon

A blue fish tank in the back is a very fun and unexpected touch. Himalayan salt lamps are scattered throughout the space to add more soft lighting and perhaps health benefits? It all just works together.

The Drinks

The menu at Dragon features nine cocktails. The format of the menu reminds me of the simplicity and descriptions at Aux Prés.

Each cocktail has a unique name like Dragon’s Kiss or Princess Jasmine. Names are followed by two adjectives that describe the drink. Ingredients come last, and are in English (at least on my menu).

Dragon Menu
Margarita at Cyril Lignac's Dragon

All of the cocktails sounded interesting. Normally, I’d branch out and try something different or ask the bartender for a recommendation. However, the margarita at Aux Prés is excellent. I had to try a margarita at Dragon to compare and contrast.

It didn’t disappoint. My favorite part was definitely the black salt which was in bigger chunks and had a mildly salty taste. I also loved the coaster with the simple red Dragon logo.

Cocktails at Dragon are prepared with care. The bartenders take their time in mixing each drink, often adding fresh herbs or squeezing fresh juices.

The Crowd

We arrived just before 7PM on a Saturday night and hit apparently hit our timing exactly right. There was only one other person in the bar, so we got to pick our spot. We chose a table near the front of the bar to experience the best of both worlds – a bit of the action from being at the bar and a bit of seclusion.

After about five minutes, Dragon quickly started filling up with people. Couples mostly sat around the bar while the bigger tables in the corners were reserved for groups.

Most people stayed for one round and then left. I’d assume that after dinner people stay longer.

Dragon would be a great place for a duo or solo-traveler to come have pre-dinner drinks. Bigger groups should definitely arrive early to make sure to get a table. There isn’t any space to stand, so the crowd is limited to the number of seats in the bar. We had a great time at Dragon and will definitely be back.

Dragon Cocktail Bar – 34 Rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris

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