Confinement Week Six in Normandy

week six of confinement in Normandy French country house

Week six of confinement in Normandy started the same as the previous weeks, however it ended very differently. Even during this strange time, I’m someone who thrives with a routine. Last week my little quarantine routine got turned on its head.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you may have noticed a change midway through week six of confinement in Normandy. The tables that were set for six were suddenly set for two. That’s because Romain’s family went back to Paris on Wednesday.

Luckily everyone is healthy – Romain’s grandmother just had a regular checkup that she couldn’t miss and his brother needed to be back for work. So now it’s just me, Romain, and Dalton holding down the fort in Normandy.

Table from week six of confinement in Normandy
Camellia from the garden in Normandy
cut camellia from the garden in Normandy

Week Six Changes

Going from six to two has been easier in some ways and more…time consuming…in other ways.

  • Mornings are quieter. Romain’s grandmother and I were the early risers in the house, and now it’s just me. Dalton briefly wakes up around 9:30 to eat his breakfast and then is solidly back on the couch until lunch.
  • Weekday mornings were my time to knock out things on my computer. Now I’m realizing that we use a lot of dish towels (torchons if you want to brush up on your French), Dalton has a lot of hair, and floors don’t sweep themselves.
  • We’re trying to keep meals and our time ‘à table’ the same, but…it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Going to a big effort to cook for two people isn’t as fun. I think this week we’ll be exploring some take-out options.
  • Somehow we’ve still been lucky with the weather and it hasn’t rained. Which means that watering is now my job. I’ve never been able to keep an orchid alive in my apartment and now I’m responsible for a lot of plants and flowers. Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind a little rain this week.
  • After six straight Sundays of homemade tortillas, we’re taking a pause. Now seeking Sunday dinner ideas.
Quesadillas on our homemade butter tortillas

Sadly for Romain, this change also means that our baguette consumption will dramatically decrease. I told him we can only get a baguette every other day now because they’re just too good and obviously pair well with everything. Directly after I wrote that sentence I asked Romain to please go buy a baguette for lunch today.

So that’s my report from week six of confinement in Normandy: less people and less baguettes. Potentially.

After today, the forecast for week seven and into eight is nonstop rain, so if you have any awesome recipes, book or TV recommendations, or fun games for two please send them my way!

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