My Favorite Sunday Morning Market in Paris

My Favorite Sunday Morning Market in Paris

I always look forward to Sunday morning in Paris. Whether I’m starting the day with a croissant sur la terrassse or an espresso au bar, I enjoy a calm and stillness that is rare in Paris. After I’m fully caffeinated (for a Sunday anyways), I like to head to Marché Raspail, my favorite Sunday morning market. I think this organic market is one of the best in Paris.

Organic Marché Raspail

Marché Raspail is also open on Tuesday and Friday, but every Sunday it transforms into a completely organic market. When I first moved to Paris I didn’t think it was as important to buy organic products. After learning that France is the second largest consumer of pesticides in Europe, I made a bigger effort to buy organic.

Best Paris Market organic asparagus
Organic marché Raspail produce
Cherries at Marché Raspail

There’s also something so nice about the pace of a weekend market versus a weekday market (unless you’re on vacation). On Sunday I can leisurely check out all of the offerings and wait in the sometimes long lines for the best vendors. Plus, generally I have more time to devote to cooking on Sunday. Not all markets are open on Sunday mornings in Paris, so I’m lucky to have Marché Raspail in my neighborhood.

How to Shop at French Markets

At markets in France you’ll always see signs near the produce that list the product name and sometimes variety, the price (either by weight or unit), the category, and the country of origin. With French products, sometimes you’ll even see the specific region listed. I think that’s a great indication of quality and seasonality.

French Market radishes
Carrots at my favorite Sunday morning market in Paris
French market produce

When shopping at a market in France, be sure to tell the vendor or producer what you’re cooking and when – they’ll take that information and give you exactly what you need. Sometimes they’ll even anticipate other items you might need based on what you’re making. I’ll never forget how easy it was to cook my first Beef Bourguignon in France. It was still time consuming, but the butcher cubed the beef and chopped the lardons which made the process so much easier.

Langoustines at Organic Marché Raspail
Fish caught in Brittany, France

These photos are all from Marché Raspail around this time last year. I’m hoping that soon (maybe May 17th?) I’ll be able to return to my favorite Sunday morning market in Paris.

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