A Sunday in September in Paris

Fall Flowers in Paris

Generally speaking, Sunday is my favorite day in Paris. The city is totally calm until at least noon, so it feels like bustling Paris is empty. September also brings exciting changes in the light, the trees, the sky, the temperature, and the energy in general. All of this to say, a Sunday in September in Paris is something special.

Sunday Breakfast

While Sunday usually starts later than the other days, I don’t like to linger in bed too long. I either head out for a café “au bar,” or on a terrasse if the weather is nice, and then to a patisserie for a croissant to eat at home – or I go to Les Antiquaires with a good book.

Since yesterday was my first Sunday in September in Paris (aka magical), I had breakfast at Les Antiquaires. I ordered the indulgent and carb-heavy but simple French breakfast. It comes with a tartine with butter and jam, a croissant, a hot beverage (double espresso for me, always), and a fresh-squeezed orange juice. I allow myself this occasional indulgence about once a month. And I’d highly recommend indulging to anyone visiting Paris.

sunday in paris croissant
september in paris flowers
sunday in paris bouquiniste

After breakfast, I walked down Rue du Bac to my favorite flower man. His set up is on the sidewalk every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (except in August). His flowers are great and regularly live for two weeks. My biggest problem is wanting one of everything. Yesterday I decided on three large pale pink and green hydrangeas for my mantle.

Bois de Boulogne

After Romain finished work, we went to the Fête à NeuNeu to take advantage of the perfect weather. It ended up being a little too heavily geared towards children, so we took out a row boat in the Bois de Boulogne. While this seemed like a cute and romantic idea for a Sunday in September in Paris, it wasn’t (for me at least). The boat rocked a lot – I thought we were going to tip over the whole time.

a sunday in september in paris eiffel tower
september in paris bois de boulogne
bagatelle garden gates

We ditched the boat and walked to the Bagatelle Gardens within the Bois de Boulogne. The gardens are picturesque and calm and filled with flowers and peacocks.

We went to a three hour movie to recover from the walking – my first movie theater experience in Paris. When the movie finished it was dusk and we walked to our favorite Italian restaurant in Paris.

Sunday Dinner

Unfortunately the restaurant was closed due to kitchen problems, so we went to Au Club des Siciliens. This is a romantic restaurant – it’s small and the decor is dark woods with white, black, and red accents. We took advantage of the perfect Sunday in September in Paris weather and sat outside on the quiet street and ate homemade pasta.

paris pasta

It must have been all of the walking (we took 25,000 steps), because after our pasta we were both still hungry. In keeping with the indulgent Sunday theme, we went to a neighborhood café for a second dinner and split a pizza.

Our wonderful Sunday in September in Paris ended looking at the almost full Harvest Moon glowing over the Seine River. It was the kind of day you normally only dream about having. While living in Paris certainly isn’t always a dream, days like yesterday make it all worth it.

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