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Bar at Clover grill

The first time I went to Jean-François Piège’s Clover Grill was because my friend requested a place with a great burger, fries, mashed potatoes and atmosphere. Clover Grill had been on my list for a while and luckily we were able to make a last minute reservation at the bar.

I love sitting at a bar to eat. It’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy a meal, and one of the things I miss most about my life in the US. It’s just not as common in Paris to eat at a bar.

The next time we came, we sat at a regular table but in the same room as the bar. While this was still a lovely experience, I think I prefer sitting at the bar.

The Atmosphere

Clover Grill Paris decor
Clover Grill Paris Meat Locker

The atmosphere at Clover Grill is lovely. It’s a contrast from a “typical” Parisian restaurant (like La Poule au Pot) in that it’s light, bright, and modern. I love the light woods, green marble, and brass accents. There’s definitely a mid-century modern feel but with beautiful tiled floors to remind you that you’re still in Paris.

The more modern atmosphere continues with the dishes, serving platters, and glassware. The details are clearly well thought out, which doesn’t surprise me at all for a Jean-François Piège restaurant.

The Food

I knew Clover Grill was a meat-heavy restaurant going into the experience, so I was planning on skipping the appetizer (entrée in France) portion of the lunch. However, when I saw the calamari carbonara on the menu I changed my mind.

The calamari serves as the pasta in this version of carbonara, complete with bacon, parmesan cheese, and a perfect egg yolk to mix around. I’ve ordered it every time I’ve gone to Clover Grill.

Clover Grill Calamari Carbonara
Jean-François Piège Bone Marrow

When I went with Romain, he ordered the “os à moelle” bone marrow. I had never tried this before and was shocked when the largest bone I’ve ever seen in my life arrived. Clover Grill gets an A+ for presentation. I’m an adventurous eater and was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted.

For the main event, we shared the wood-smoked noire de Baltique beef. All I can say is wow. We wanted to try two sauces – Béarnaise and peppercorn – and both were delicious. Surprisingly, we finished the entire steak.

Clover Grill Beef Jean-François Piège
Jean-François Piège Clover Grill

I’ve also had the cheeseburger at Clover Grill, which is a wonderful version of what a steakhouse burger should be.

Lunch finished as it always does in Paris, with an espresso. The first time I was able to resist the chocolate chip cookies, but the second time I caved. I highly recommend caving for these cookies.

Clover Grill cookies

Clover Grill is a great place to come with friends, with family, for a date, or a solo meal at the bar. Two tips: make sure whoever you’re with likes meat and make a reservation in advance!

Restaurant Clover Grill – 6 Rue Bailleul, 75001 Paris

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