Early Fall in Paris

Pont Alexandre III

Early Fall in Paris has always been a special season for me. I love the cooler temperatures, changing colors on the leaves and in the sky, and I always feel an energy shift in myself. I think it really goes back to the semester abroad that I spent here in 2012.

Up until I moved to Paris last year, that semester was the biggest, craziest, most out of the box thing I’d ever done. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t speak the language, and I definitely didn’t know the city. My favorite thing to do was to simply explore with no particular destination in mind. That’s how I discovered Paris.

When I moved last year there were definitely parallels to Fall 2012. I discovered new routines, new normals, and new to me places in Paris. This time however I felt more settled. I knew Paris, I knew people, I knew my neighborhood, and I knew a little bit of French. Language school helped immensely with not only my French but also my routine. It was an exciting time and it flew by.

This year was a little different. I went back to Dallas in August, and apart from a day and a half, wasn’t back in Paris until mid-September. When I came back again, it was only for a week. After that, only three days. I absolutely can’t complain because I’m so lucky to travel for work and pleasure, but I realized that I think there’s something so essential about experiencing the transition from summer to fall for me.

Early Fall in Paris Pont Alexandre
Pont Alexandre III
Early Fall in Paris Louvre

Fall in Paris brings me back to 2012, to 2018, and the September trips in-between that I took for Fashion Week. It’s a time that inspires and re-energizes me, but more than that I’ve realized it grounds me. As much as I don’t love to admit it, I thrive with routines and stability in my schedule.

Since I’ve been back in Paris I’ve struggled to get back into a flow with my routine. The city that always inspires me simply by being outside just…wasn’t. I couldn’t put a finger on why or what was causing it until this morning. I realized I needed to discover something new.

All it took was going to a new café. The second that I walked in I knew it was exactly what I needed. A warm and cozy atmosphere, a good playlist (there was some Justin Timberlake…but it felt right), and kind and welcoming people (I’ve been so lucky that people like this have been a normal part of my Paris experience).

As of this morning, I feel officially ready to take on Fall in Paris head on. I can’t wait for the rest of the season and new discoveries that lie ahead.

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