Five Friday Finds from France: April 24th

Five Friday Finds from France Carolles, Normandy

The weeks continue to fly by here. I’m trying to take every opportunity possible to do things I wouldn’t be able to do in Paris, like driving a tractor and testing out the best croissant in Normandy. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France is largely about different types of learning and discoveries (for example, it’s not easy to find tequila everywhere in France).

A Good Michel de Montaigne Quote

There’s a framed quote in the dining room here that Romain’s grandfather loved by Michel de Montaigne, a key figure in the French Renaissance. The quote in French is “Si haut que l’on soit placé, on n’est jamais assis que sur son cul.

Quote from Michel de Montaigne

In English, this translates to “And on the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.” You could also change the ending to “we’re still sitting on our ass” if you want to be a little less PC. Humility was important in the 16th century and it still is today.

The Best Croissant in Normandy

Maybe this is a bold statement, but until I have a reason to believe otherwise, I’m going with it. The best croissant in Normandy is in Sartilly at Le Friand.

The best croissant in Normandy

It’s filled with plenty of delicious Beurre de Normandie, has a crunchy exterior, and a delicately soft interior with lots of layers. As soon as I finished the croissant I wanted another. While I can’t personally speak about the pain au chocolat, Romain says it’s the best in Normandy (his favorite pain au chocolat in Paris is at Mori Yoshida).

Amazon Delivers Tequila in France

If you want something besides the 11€ tequila you can find at the grocery store in Normandy…good luck. I got to a point where I was contemplating trying to make a margarita using vodka. I don’t know why checking Amazon didn’t cross my mind sooner, but the moral of the story is Amazon delivers tequila in France. When my tequila arrived on Wednesday it really was like Christmas morning for me.

Limes ready for my tequila in France

Finding tequila is less of an issue in Paris (although still not as easy as finding wine 🍷🇫🇷). I have a few places where I like to have margaritas in Paris, but my favorite spot is always Le Voltaire.

My New Normandy Hobby

My Normandy hobby is mowing the grass

If you would’ve told me two months ago that my new favorite hobby would be mowing the lawn with a tractor…I just wouldn’t have believed you. But I guess it makes sense – driving has always been relaxing for me. Driving the tractor is both relaxing and productive. They only mow once a month here, so it’s TBD if I’ll get another chance to hone my skills before the end of the confinement.

Spring in the Vineyard at Maison Ruinart

I’ve realized as I’m sure most people have that despite everything going on in the world, spring still happens. And it’s been such a gift. This morning I received an email from Ruinart about spring in the vineyard. I thought it was so interesting to see all of these little but essential spring steps in Champagne making process. You can check it out here.

This week’s Five Friday Finds from France are just a few of the things I’ve learned about myself, nature, food (obviously), and life. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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