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Le Voltaire Espresso

My parents first took me to Le Voltaire in 2012 before I started my semester abroad in Paris. I remember the experience vividly for two reasons. First, it took us 45 minutes in a taxi to get from the Grand Palais to the restaurant…traffic. The second thing that I remember is there was only one other couple in the restaurant, also Americans, because we had dinner at 7:30 PM.

Fast-forward to almost seven years later, and Le Voltaire is now my “cantine” and one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.

I’m partial to the mini bouquets, often pink, on every table on the terrasse and all of the beautiful details. I drink three espressos a day and Le Voltaire is the only place that serves them on a silver platter with a beautiful china and an assortment of cookies and meringues. It’s also difficult to beat the view of the Louvre. The interior of the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous as well – and they have air-conditioning! I always prefer sitting outside for a more casual experience.

From morning to night I find myself coming in for lunch, for an espresso, or to have a glass of wine or margarita on the weekend. Parisians sometimes get the reputation of being snobby, but at Le Voltaire they couldn’t be any nicer or attentive. The people at Le Voltaire have genuinely become my friends.

For lunch, I usually order the œufs mayonnaise with a Ceasar salad or the beef tartare. For dinner, my all time favorite is the steak with mustard sauce and a side of both fries and mashed potatoes. Romain’s favorites for dinner are the escargots and steak with béarnaise sauce. A great terrasse and restaurant to add to (and keep on) your Paris list!

Le Voltaire Caesar Salad
Le Voltaire Margarita

Restaurant Le Voltaire – 27 Quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris


  1. Beautifully written dear, I’m enormously proud of you and you are seriously lucky to have Le Voltaire in your neighborhood, and they are lucky to have you! Enjoy April in Paris, and I will be anxiously awaiting additional posts! à votre santé.

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