One Year of the Pandemic in France

one year of the pandemic in france carolles sunset

The pandemic has been in France and around the world for more than a year, but for me today is the anniversary. On the evening of March 16th, 2020 President Macron announced the first lockdown, for an initial period of 15 days. Romain, Dalton and I were already in Normandy, soon to be joined by more of Romain’s family.

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The First Bouquinistes Auction Results

first bouquinistes auction results

Today bouquinistes were allowed to reopen after the lockdown forced them to close for the second time this year. Which means I had the opportunity to deliver the proceeds from the first Bouquinistes Auction! I am so excited to share the results. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to share and spread the word about the auction, bid on items, make additional donations, and express interest in participating in future Bouquinistes Auctions.

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Bouquinistes Auction Benefiting the Paris Booksellers

bouquinistes auction

Many of you are familiar with the bouquinistes collaboration I did with French Face about a month ago. It was so much fun putting everything together and seeing how excited everyone was to support the bouquinistes. Shortly after, France went into reconfinement and the booksellers closed again. I’m thrilled to announce the Bouquinistes Auction as a way to do a little something extra to help the Bouquinistes de Paris during the holidays.

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Confinement 2.0: Week Two

fall in paris confinement 2.0 week two

This lockdown is definitely different from the first. In a lot of ways it seems easier and more familiar – both the surroundings and routine. Tomorrow we’ll be changing it up a bit and going back to Paris which might mean a completely different story. But for now let’s recap Confinement 2.0 week two.

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