Weekend Links: Week 35

This weekend I’m excited to head to Normandy for a day. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery and of course get to eat some seafood! This week was exciting for me because Britney Spears inadvertently sent people to my website after posting a similar photo to the one above. I’m a huge Britney fan so this was a major moment for me. Some of my favorite articles from Weekend Links Week 35 include a list of 10 inspiring quotes from “The Little Prince” (that I’ve posted before but I came across it again and it’s always worth reading), aerial photos of France’s stunning pink salt fields, photo tours of the homes of French creatives via Pinterest, and an article on the difference between French and American foods. Enjoy!

Paris Honours the Forgotten Spanish Fighters Who Liberated the French Capital

Josephine Baker Will Be the First Black Woman Buried in Paris’s Panthéon

Even Europe’s Anti-Vaxxers Have to Admit: Vaccine Mandates Really Work

How A Very Old Prestigious Champagne House Keeps In Step With The 21st Century

What’s the Difference Between Haricot Verts and Green Beans?

10 Inspiring Quotes from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

eric chauvin flowers paris

Delving into Paris’ Forgotten Past

A Steamy French Thriller Is a ‘Sleeper Smash Hit’

Stunning Aerial Photos Capture the Bubble Gum Hues of France’s Salt Fields

A Late-Summer Tart from a Misunderstood Master of French Cooking

Inside The New Dolce&Gabbana Beach Cabanas On The French Riviera

Discovering Joséphine Bonaparte in Martinique, Italy and France

geraniums in neuilly

The 17 Most Beautiful French Beaches to (Re)discover this Summer

9 Reasons To Visit Paris In The Fall Of 2021

Sister Act: A Closer Look at the Quietly Influential Life of Catherine Dior

Tour the Homes of Creatives in France on Pinterest

‘Superyacht Traffic Jams’ as Mega-Rich Sail Back to French Riviera

This Polyamorous Romance, Set in the South of France, Captures the Pleasures of Late Summer

At 73, Grace Jones is Still the Most Fabulous Beauty Icon We Have

le marly neuilly

Enter Damien Hirst’s Colorful Labyrinth of Pills at the Gagosian Paris

Latest Paris Attraction Drives Tourists into the Seine

The Difference Between French And American Food, According To Dominique Crenn

What To See And Where To Stay In The Loire Valley On Your Next Trip To France

Provence Wine Region Damaged by the Worst Fire in Nearly 20 Years

It’s Never Too Late For Classic French Rosé

I hope you enjoyed week 35 of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à tous et à toutes!

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