Five Friday Finds from France: September 3rd

grey paris rue de rivoli. five friday finds from france featuring the new miss dior: a story of courage and couture book, a day trip from paris to cabourg, and french vibes club on instagram

Happy September! I don’t want to jump the gun on fall, but some leaves are already turning and it’s pretty exciting. It really is one of the prettiest and best times of the year in Paris. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features an interesting new book on Christian Dior’s sister Catherine, Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture, a day trip from Paris to Cabourg in Normandy, an Instagram account to follow with the best French vibes and more!

Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture Book

miss dior: a story of courage and couture book

Christian Dior’s sister Catherine was one of his biggest muses. Until now, she’s perhaps been most well-known as the inspiration for Dior’s Miss Dior Perfume. While she loved gardens, Catherine was also a Resistance fighter and concentration camp survivor. In Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture author Justine Picardie tells the fascinating story of Catherine’s life as well as describes her bond with her brother. I’ve become fascinated with the Dior family after spending time at the Musée Christian Dior, the family’s home in Normandy, and can’t wait to read this book once it’s released.

A Day Trip from Paris to Cabourg in Normandy

a day trip from paris to cabourg normandy

Last Saturday we took a quick day trip to Cabourg in Normandy. It’s about a two hour drive from Paris and while it was great for the day trip, I wish we’d stayed longer. It’s a charming town (so many beautiful half-timber buildings) with plenty of things to do including shopping, lots of restaurant options, a casino, beach and more. We ate lunch at Le Baligan for seafood and it was delicious (make a reservation in advance). Cabourg is a wonderful excursion from Paris and I highly recommend checking it out (or another seaside town in Normandy)!

Where to Find a Tortilla Press and Jalapeños in Paris

serranos, tomatillos, and jalapeños in paris
tortilla press in paris

I used to buy Old El Paso tortillas because you can find them at most grocery stores in France and…any port in a storm. However, during the first lockdown I realized how easy it is to make tortillas at home and have never looked back. Last weekend I bought a tortilla press at La Esquinita and making tortillas at home became even easier – there’s no mess with the flour and no rolling. With the tortilla press my butter tortillas actually looked like Central Market’s butter tortillas. This is the exact tortilla press that I bought (and if you’re not in Paris, here’s one you can order online). La Esquinita also had serrano peppers, tomatillos, and jalapeños last weekend. I will absolutely be going back this weekend for more!

French Vibes Club on Instagram

french vibes club on instagram

I came across French Vibes Club on Instagram this week, and for lack of a better description, it is definitely a vibe. There are great (mostly vintage) photos and short clips and the stories are both informative and beautiful. I’m excited to continue following along and will definitely be sharing a lot of the posts to my stories as well!

French Salted White Truffle Butter

french salted white truffle butter

It was a long summer without my favorite butter from the market. My favorite brand is Au Bon Beurre and it really is the absolute best. It’s made by Olivier Martin in Beaulencourt in northern France. Martin uses cream from three different types of cows (Jersey, Holstein and Norman), which is what gives the butter its distinct flavor.

In addition to the normal salted butter that I usually buy I couldn’t resist the beurre demi-sel à la truffe blanche – salted white truffle butter. I haven’t tried it yet (I’ve been tempted to eat it plain), but can’t wait to start incorporating it into some special recipes.

If you’re in the UK you can order Au Bon Beurre online here. If you’re in the US there are some French butters online here, including a white truffle butter.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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  1. What a delightful read. I don’t many things better than tortillas and French butter. Love the reference to Central Market.

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