Five Friday Finds from France: August 27th

apartment in neuilly. five friday finds from france features paris mini matches and the new my place at the table book

I’m so glad it’s finally Friday – this week really seemed to drag along. I watched Gone for Good on Netflix – it’s a French mini series based on a Harlan Coben book and set mostly in Nice. Perfect if you’re looking for a mystery/thriller and to practice French at the same time. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features a set of Paris mini matches, a great fish and seafood cookbook, the new My Place at the Table book and more.

My Place at the Table: A Recipe for a Delicious Life in Paris Book

my place at the table book

Alexander Lobrano’s My Place at the Table: A Recipe for a Delicious Life in Paris recounts his experience of both discovering himself and his appreciation of French cuisine. As his French improved so did his confidence and Lobrano eventually became a James Beard Award-winning writer encountering the likes of Julia Child and Yves Saint Laurent. As an added bonus, the book contains Lobrano’s “little black book” – a list of 30 of his all-time favorite restaurants in Paris.

Paris Mini Matches

paris mini matches
paris mini matches

Whenever restaurants or hotels have matches I love to grab them. They’re a fun item to collect and each time I use a match I think about the place. Mini matches are particularly adorable. I first saw them at Le Flandrin, a restaurant in the 16th arrondissement. When I saw these sets of Paris-themed mini matches at Samaritaine and I almost bought them all. I think pretty boxes of long matches are always a good hostess gift idea or stocking stuffer – but a set of these would be great too!

‘The Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped’ Project

the arc de triomphe, wrapped project

I’ve linked to articles about the ‘Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped’ project in Weekend Links, but recently drove by the installation process. I have to say pictures don’t really do it justice but it’s just one of those things that you know is going to be beyond incredible. The temporary artwork imagined by the late Christo and Jeanne-Claude will be on display for just 16 days: from September 18th to October 3rd. If you’re going to be in Paris during that time make it a priority to go by and see the Arc de Triomphe. If you’re not planning on being in Paris, it’s not too late to plan a trip!

Retour de Pêche Cookbook

retour de pêche book

Full disclosure: there isn’t (yet) an English version of Retour de Pêche – it’s all in French. But, if you love fish and don’t speak French, it would be worth taking photos of the recipes and using Google Translate to read them. Romain’s parents have the cookbook and as I was flipping through I wanted to mark essentially each of the 80 recipes. Another bonus: for each product mentioned you learn the history, fishing techniques, seasonality, and advice for how to choose the product. There are also plenty of tips including how to filet a fish and how to easily open a scallop. When in Paris or Dinard, be sure to visit the authors’ restaurant Oyster Club!

A Caramel Beurre Salé Éclair

caramel beurre salé éclair

I’ll admit, I’m not a big éclair person. I’ll eat them, but they’re never my first choice at the pâtisserie. When I first saw this caramel beurre salé éclair I thought it might be red velvet, which piqued my interest. Although it wasn’t, I’m glad I still tried it because it was different and delicious. I found it at the Boulangerie du Parc in Neuilly, and for the record I wanted to try almost everything I saw!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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  1. I read Lobrano’s book this summer (plus 10 other books) in anticipation of my trip to Paris next week. It was great to feel immersed in Paris through his writing!

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