The First Fall Marché Raspail

Fall colors at Marché Raspail

Fall is here (at least for now) and I’m getting back into my normal routine in Paris for the first time in what feels like since March. One of my absolute favorite parts of this new season is going to the first fall edition of Marché Raspail.

Starting in July Marché Raspail thinned out because of les vacances. It didn’t feel right going and not seeing all of my favorite vendors so I took a little summer hiatus. Yesterday I went back for my first fall visit to Marché Raspail and I felt like a kid in the candy shop.

The combination of seeing vendors that haven’t been there since pre-pandemic and the start of fall produce was sensory overload. I had to remind myself multiple times that there was another market on Friday so I only needed three days worth of food. I literally walked up and down the entire span of the market twice before deciding what to get.

My Favorite Vegetables at Marché Raspail

I always start with vegetables because it’s the longest line. My favorite stand is a local producer from Île-de-France. Their produce is exceptional and they have great prices – hence the long lines. Sometimes people will say to go to the markets towards the end for the best prices. If you want these vegetables I recommend going early because they run out.

Fresh produce at Marché Raspail

My favorite vegetable score from yesterday was jalapeños (next to impossible to find in Paris). I also bought some potatoes and zucchini and I always leave with a head of fresh lettuce.

Shopping for Fish at Marché Raspail

I’ve always avoided shopping for fish in Paris. There are tons of names that I don’t recognize, I don’t really know how to cook it, and before this summer I really wanted nothing to do with the skin and bones. On Port Cros Romain forced me to learn how to skin and de-bone fish and on our last trip to Normandy I took note of the different types of fish I really enjoyed and how to prepare them.

Fall Marché Raspail moules

My skills are still limited and I can’t say for sure that I have a favorite poissonnerie yet, but I took the first step and found a fish that I liked. I even asked the poissonnier to filet the fish for me so it was extra easy and delicious.

Fall Favorites at Marché Raspail

Another great part of visiting the Marché Raspail in September are the fall colors everywhere from the first potimarrons to the jewel-toned hydrangeas. Even the boulanger had an entire selection of seasonal specialties with late summer fruits that added to the atmosphere (yesterday I stuck with just a baguette but that will not be the case on Friday).

fall flowers at Marché Raspail
boulanger at Marché Raspail

Visiting the first fall Marché Raspail was the perfect way to continue embracing the spirit of fall in Paris…at least until next week when it heats back up!

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