Why I Love September in Paris

September in Paris arc

I’m less than 24 hours into my September in Paris but I’m already so excited for this month. And for the first time in 2020 my excitement isn’t accompanied by nerves. I can’t wait for my fourth fall in Paris.

This season holds a special place in my heart because I studied abroad in Paris during the fall semester. It’s when I really fell in love with everything about Paris. Each fall is a reminder of that time. I’ve also come to appreciate how the whole city is relaxed from a month of vacation. I feed off of the energy and lightness that fills Paris.

I don’t know what it is specifically about September in Paris. When I did my year two of living in France review my September highlight was just a random Sunday (I did travel a lot last year). But I think if I had to pick one month to recommend a visit it would be September.

September light

On the drive in from Normandy yesterday the first thing that caught my eye was the light. I don’t know how it’s changed so much in two weeks. The shadows are deeper and more intense and there’s a crispness in the air that I haven’t felt since last year.

It makes me realize that the best way (for me) to appreciate Paris is to leave and come back. I feel like I’m seeing the city again for the first time and everything is catching my eye.

This September in Paris is especially happy because places that have been closed since March are beginning to reopen. My list of restaurants I want to visit is growing by the minute. I’ve been wondering (like everyone else) if life would ever get back to normal. For the first time I think, oui, it will.

September in Paris sunset sky

Maybe things are going to change tomorrow. I have no idea. But for now I’m soaking up every moment and absorbing every bit of energy September in Paris is sending my way.

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