Five Friday Finds from France: March 20th

Five Friday Finds from France Petit Palais Cherry Blossoms

This week I transitioned from living in Paris to living in Normandy indefinitely because of COVID-19 and the confinement restrictions. While I thought it was a difficult decision to make at the beginning of the week, I feel so fortunate that, thanks to Romain, I have the ability to get out of Paris during this time. So, for the next chunk of time Five Friday Finds from France will likely have a Normandy twist. My favorites from this week’s finds are a memoir by French politician Simone Veil, a gorgeous Normandy hike, and Romain’s take on one of our favorite dishes in Paris.

In addition to these Five Friday Finds from France, check out my picks for books about Paris and France to keep you occupied as you’re spending more time at home.

Romain’s Dumbo Paris Burger at Home

Five Friday Finds from France Homemade Dumbo Paris Burger

One of my favorite new traditions I’ve made in Paris is to go out for lunch on Sunday. This tradition wasn’t possible on Sunday as restaurants and cafés were closed as a result of COVID-19. Romain stepped up to the plate and made his version of our favorite Dumbo Paris Burger at home. I bought the buns at La Grande Epicerie de Paris and made the pickles but he did the rest, including a “secret sauce.” Fingers crossed that he’ll keep cooking while we’re in Normandy! He shares the food he makes on Instagram here.

A Scenic Normandy Hike

Carolles Normandy Hike
Rocky Beach Normandy Hike

There are a few exceptions to the confinement (with proper documentation), one of which is exercising. Romain took me on a gorgeous hike just five minutes from their house in Normandy (we of course maintained the full one meter distance the entire time 😉). I’m sure it’s a beautiful hike year round with views of the sea, creeks, a rocky beach, and Le Mont-Saint-Michel, but it’s especially gorgeous during spring with the blooming flowers. Going on this hike is definitely great motivation to work out!

Gorgeous Grocery Store Roses

Five Friday Finds from France Normandy Grocery Store Roses

Another confinement exception is trips to the grocery store. The small store in the tiny town of Jullouville had some of the prettiest roses I’ve ever seen. These flowers were magnificent in both size and color, and compared to Paris prices were a total steal at 9.90€ for a bouquet. The flowers made me miss my weekly flower man on Rue du Bac!

Au P’tit Mareyeur – To Go

Five Friday Finds from France Au P'tit Mareyeur To-Go

When we’re in Normandy, one of my favorite outings is having lunch at Au P’tit Mareyeur. We normally go and pick out exactly what we want for our seafood platter and then eat by the port. You can’t find fresher fish anywhere. However, with COVID-19, restaurants are closed all over France. Luckily for us, Au P’tit Mareyeur makes seafood platters to go. We picked one up as soon as we arrived in Normandy and ate it for our first lunch.

Tory Burch’s Book Pick – A Life by Simone Veil

Simone Veil's 'A Life' Memoir

There was recently an article in Forbes where leaders in different industries shared what’s on their bedside table. Tory Burch picked French politician Simone Veil’s memoir, A Life . Veil was an Auschwitz survivor, a lawyer, and a major advocate for a woman’s right to choose (in Catholic France). I can’t wait to add A Life to my ever growing list of books to read and especially love the connection to France.

Let me know what you think about this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I hope everyone stays healthy during the coming days and weeks.

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