Five Friday Finds from France: February 21st

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Today’s Five Friday Finds from France post features sweet treats, a Caudalie skincare product, a Parisian Blue Door and more. While this week’s Five Friday Finds from France certainly won’t be as monumental as last week after meeting WWII Veteran Dr. Stephen Weiss, it’s still a good one. Plus I do have a bit more on Dr. Weiss!

Last Friday, I attended the ‘Ravivage de la Flamme’ Ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe to honor the OSS men killed in WWII. I arrived early just as Dr. Weiss was preparing for the ceremony and luckily had a few minutes to catch up with him. It was a beautiful night and truly another once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can see some of the photos from the evening here. Now, for today’s Five Friday Finds from France:

A New Blue Door at Home

Paris Blue Door

I’ve always been secretly pleased that my apartment has a blue door. I love all Parisian doors, but there’s something about a Parisian blue door (here’s my favorite) that just makes my heart go pitter patter. The door to my apartment is stately and simple and had a dark blue to greenish color. This week it got a fresh coat of paint – royal blue. It’s such a happy blue and I am oh so happy with it.

Addicting Sweet Treats at Chez Meunier and Pralus

Five Friday Finds from France Chez Meunier

I’m blaming Valentine’s Day because over the weekend I had a lot of pastries. I like sweets but I prefer savory foods, so I really only cave for sugary treats when I know they’re the best-of-the-best.

Romain and I went to Neuilly last weekend to walk Dalton and I just knew I had to have something at Chez Meunier. In the back of my mind I was thinking I’d go in for a pain au chocolat, but then I saw the nœud gourmand. Game freaking changer. It’s a flaky little chocolate thing filled with Nutella with a freaking praline cookie on the bottom. I think Dalton will be going on a lot of walks in the near future…

Cookie on the bottom of a pastry at Chez Meunier

Speaking of pralines, on Sunday I tried the Praluline at Pralus. It’s a loaf (yes, a full loaf) of buttery brioche filled with almonds and hazelnuts coated with rose sugar that are then cracked. It’s crack bread. Unless you have iron willpower, don’t buy it when you’re alone.

The Best Caudalie Eye Cream

Since moving to Paris, I’ve switched all of my skincare products to things I can find in French pharmacies. I know I’m not technically old, but I’m starting to see some wrinkles. It’s scary. I’ve been trying out a few different eye creams but nothing has made me want to commit.

Enter the Caudalie Vine[Activ] Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream. All it’s taken is a sample tube for me to be totally and completely sold on it. And like most Caudalie products, it has pretty clean and natural ingredients.

The Perfect Cappuccino at Le Saint Germain

Cappuccino at Le Saint Germain

I’m a converted espresso drinker, so now when I have other types of coffee it sometimes tastes like water. But when the mood strikes I do love a good cappuccino.

I’d never tried the cappuccino at Le Saint Germain which is surprising because it’s one of my favorite cafés in Paris. That changed this week. I like it because you still definitely taste the coffee and it’s a great ratio of coffee milk, foam, and a little chocolate on top. Plus it comes in a clear glass which is just kind of fun.

The Pink Espresso Cups I Never Knew I Needed

Bensimon Cups

And last but not least for this week’s Five Friday Finds from France are the most adorable pink espresso cups ever from Bensimon. I’ve resisted getting an espresso machine at home for several reasons being I really don’t have the counter space and I like going to a café and being at least mildly social.

These espresso cups might seriously have me changing my tune. I love the pink (obviously) and the fact that it comes in a couple different shades of pink. But I think it’s the black rim that seals the deal for me – I love a black and pink combo.

I couldn’t find the exact pink cups from Bensimon available online, but here are two similar (and less expensive!) options in both a espresso cup and coffee mug size:

Five Friday Finds from France Hobby Lobby Espresso Cup
Five Friday Finds from France Stokes Coffee Mug

I could get rid of the microwave that I’ve literally never once used to make room for an espresso machine and some matching cups, but since my apartment is furnished I’d have to store the microwave somewhere. TBD.

I hope you liked this week’s Five Friday Finds from France, I’ll be back next week!

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