Five Friday Finds from France: April 17th

Camellias in the garden in Normandy

As of now, the confinement in France will continue until May 11th. That seems like a pretty good date that’s not too far away. Spring is in full force here in Normandy with bright green leaves and a whole new set of flowers blooming in the garden. I haven’t left the house since Sunday morning for my croissant (other than to run), so today’s Five Friday Finds from France are things discovered at home.

Sunday Morning Croissants

Romain and I volunteer to buy the baguettes on Sunday morning so we can also have a croissant and pain au chocolat breakfast with a view of the ocean. Last week we were a little late and our favorite boulangerie was completely sold out of both croissants and pain au chocolats. I think it’s so interesting how there’s such a split between team croissant and team pain au chocolat. Luckily, even in the tiny Normandy town where we are, there’s another boulangerie.

Sunday Morning Croissant in Jullouville, Normandy
Jullouville Normandy Beach Sunday Morning Croissant View

In Paris I usually have my Sunday morning croissant alone or forgo it for a café au bar at Le Saint Germain, so it’s been fun having Romain join. Plus the view is pretty incredible.

French Antique Coffee Cups

I woke up feeling a little ‘blah’ Monday about another week in confinement and decided to make a little change and switch up my espresso cup and use a saucer. I continued the practice throughout the week and it’s been a fun way to mix up my morning routine.

Antique Coffee Cups in Normandy

This morning I asked Romain’s grandmother about the cups. Her mother-in-law had a hotel in Reims just across from the Cathedral and most of the beautiful Limoges porcelain here came from the hotel. I’m motivated to keep working my way through it all!

Changes in the Garden

Dalton in the garden in Normandy

This week the garden has changed a lot with new flowers starting to bloom. Dalton and I have been exploring and I’ve been trying to learn all of the flower names in French…let’s just say the names aren’t exactly sticking. One day I’ll get them down! Some of my favorites are the azaleas (azalée), the blue California lilacs (céanothe), the rhododendrons, and the still beautiful camellias (camélia).

blue céanothe
Azaleas in the garden

Steak Cooked on the Fireplace

Luckily for me, everyone in Romain’s family is good at cooking and they all have different specialties. Romain’s brother Hugo makes the best fries and sauce, and this week for dinner he decided to cook a côte de bœuf in the fireplace.

Côte de Boeuf cooked on the Fireplace

It was a fun activity and also delicious. While I miss all of the steak seasonings and spices from Texas it’s pretty hard to beat an awesome creamy sauce and extra crispy fries.

A Sweet Cherry Blossom Story

Cherry Blossoms in Normandy

I’m sure I’ve made it clear by now that I love cherry blossoms. There are two big trees here and the flowers were absolutely perfect pink fluffy clouds this week. Romain’s grandmother told me she gave the trees to her husband when they were only about two feet tall. I think it’s such a sweet and special gift and the story only makes me love the flowers more.

That’s it for this week’s Five Friday Finds from France, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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