Confinement Week Four in Normandy

Confinement Week Four in Normandy

After our fourth full week of confinement in Normandy I’ve decided that time seems to be suspended. The weather has been beautiful every day, which has been great, but anything without variation eventually gets old. Other than the changes and blooms in the garden, every day feels oddly the same. It’s kind of like groundhog day over and over again.

Day by Day

Day by Day quote confinement week four in Normandy

Every morning I flip to a new day on my Day by Day calendar from my mom. I may have forgotten to bring a lot of things from Paris (definitely wasn’t expecting a stay this extended), but luckily I threw the calendar in my bag. The quotes have been both funny and at times so spot-on that it’s a little bizarre. Today I woke up in a bit of a “here we go again” mood. The quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. really changed my outlook: “The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.”

Limoges Espresso cup

So I decided to move forward this morning, even if it was ever so slightly. After four weeks of confinement in Normandy, I picked a new espresso cup – a pretty little Limoges with a bird and flowers. I even got out the matching little saucer plate to make my morning coffee that much more official. The Limoges espresso cups remind me of my grandmother who also had a set, and who undoubtedly and instilled a deep love for France, French cuisine, and French objects in me.

The weather is different today so that’s a start – it’s windy and cloudy and I’m actually looking forward to an excuse to stay inside and read a little bit. I love walking in the garden, but the project Romain started last week was a bit aggressive for me.

The Tree Removal Project

A big tree fell over in November – big enough that normally a professional would have to come remove it. Romain however decided to take it upon himself to slowly chop it up and haul it away.

Jullouville Normandy Beach
Jullouville Normandy Beach

My role in the tree removal process was taking the branches and logs where they needed to go for disposal. Along the way, I managed to come into contact with a bug or something that I’m allergic to. Now I have little itchy bumps everywhere.

So I think that’s how I’d sum up week four of confinement in Normandy – more of the same with the addition of lots of itching. And the end of my Benadryl stash.

Normandy cherry blossoms

We’re so lucky to be here which is becoming increasingly more evident every day. Macron speaks tonight about the extension of the confinement. I think we’re all expecting another announced two weeks. We’ll see!


  1. Hey Landen — I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures en famille in Normandie. Sounds as though you are adapting pretty well. Charlotte and I came back early from the US. We had planned to spend three weeks in Staunton but most of our appointments were cancelled and in person visits with friends weren’t feasible. Flying back was a challenge. Delta/Skyteam kept changing our reservations and routing. We left DC on April 1, reached Villebois Lavalette on April 3 via Atlanta, London and Paris. We’ve been hunkered down here ever since. Hope we get to see you once things settle down. All the best to you and your French family (and to those in the US too). The French group sound wonderful and the surroundings seem gorgeous. Beautiful Limoges cup and saucer. What an experience for you.
    Much love,
    Robin & Charlotte

    1. Hi Robin! Sorry to hear that your trip to the US got cut short but I’m glad you all made it back to Villebois Lavalette (although I’m sure it was an exhausting and stressful trip). We’re hopeful that we’ll get to head back to Paris on May 11th but I suppose ‘on verra.’ In the meantime I’m feeling very lucky to be here. Hopefully we can catch up when this is all over. Please give Charlotte my best and take care! Love, Landen

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