Falling Back in Love with Paris

Falling back in love with Paris Chez Julien

I need to start this post off by saying I never fell out of love with Paris. But like anything, after a while things can start to feel so “normal” that you don’t realize how special they are. After about a year and a half, living in Paris was having this effect on me. Since the confinement has ended and lockdown has lifted, I’ve found myself falling back in love with Paris.

It’s true that Paris is made up of lots of different little villages. I became really accustomed to “my village” and wasn’t venturing out as much. I can think of plenty of reasons why I stayed close: winter weather, I don’t like to carry my laptop long distances, it’s nice having familiarity in a big city and, of course, it’s convenient.

Without even realizing it I think I was a little bored. I hate even admitting that…it’s Paris after all. There’s always something to do or see. But in my second year of living in Paris I’ve tried to go a little easier on myself and not feeling “guilty” for staying at home and doing nothing every once in awhile.

Café de Flore falling back in love with Paris
Brasserie Balzar exterior
Brasserie Balzar interior

And then just as spring arrived everything obviously changed. I (surprisingly…I’ve always considered myself to be a city girl) fell completely in love with French countryside living in Normandy. I was dragging my feet more than anyone when it was time to finally return to Paris.

Once we got back it really didn’t feel like “Paris” to me until after the restaurant and café terrasses reopened. For the first time, I finally felt comfortable venturing out past a 15 minute walking radius. I started taking the bus everywhere on the weekends. And that’s when I really started falling back in love with Paris.

I started spending time in neighborhoods I hadn’t visited in years. It’s exhilarating. To some people that might sound strange, but I think anyone who truly loves Paris knows the feeling. There’s just an energy in the city that I haven’t found or felt anywhere else in the world. I think I was too bogged down by daily life in Paris (because it’s not all easy) that I forgot to take the time to be a flâneur: to be a wanderer, without a specific destination in mind.

Falling back in love with Paris Chez Julien terrasse

But I’m back and more in love with Paris than ever now. And I feel so fortunate to be able to share Paris with all of you!

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