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Still in Normandy

Still in Normandy Carolles beach

It’s September 2nd and I’m still in Normandy. We’d planned to come at the end of August for one last weekend of summer. Surprise, surprise, we’re still here. September is such a great month for a little bit of summer without the crowds and I’m soaking up every moment before heading back to Paris.

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Back to French Paradise in Normandy

French paradise in Normandy swimmers

The best decision we made in the month of May is to come back to Normandy for a long weekend. Paris has been great with perfect weather, and I’m sure it’s even better now with the parks and gardens open again, but for me nothing compares to this French paradise in Normandy.

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Confinement Week Eight in Normandy

Confinement week eight in Normandy Granville

So this is it…the last recap of life in full “lockdown.” Unless of course it gets reinstated, but I’m not going to let myself go there right now. Week eight of confinement in Normandy flew by. Eight full weeks. I never thought it would last that long, and yet I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that our time here has come to an end.

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