Five Friday Finds from France: July 3rd

Five Friday Finds from France with the Dior Untold podcast, ribs in Paris, and Gourmet's basic french cookbook

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, we’re officially halfway through 2020 which is crazy to me. Tomorrow will be my first Fourth of July in France. I would be lying through my teeth if I said I was excited about it. I’m going to attempt a Fourth of July spread in Paris complete with oven-baked ribs and potato salad. This week you’ll find a great basic French cookbook to have on your bookshelf, the “Dior Untold” podcast, Gris Rosé (which might be my summer favorite), French summer produce favorites and more!

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Five Friday Finds from France: June 5th

June Five Friday Finds from France Peonies in Paris. This week includes Ruinart's new eco-packaging

The last time I wrote a Five Friday Finds from France from a café in Paris it was March 13th. It’s probably not a surprise that I’m on the same exact terrasse right now, however I wasn’t expecting the heaters to still be on, especially after the warm weather we’ve been having. The first June Five Friday Finds from France features a fabulous article about Loïs Mailou Jones and the “other” Lost Generation of Black American artists in Paris, Ruinart’s new eco-packaging, a link to a free version of Christian Dior’s 1972 cookbook, and more.

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Five Favorite Coffee Table Books About France

Coffee Table Books about France

One of my favorite things about being in someone’s home is looking through their collection of books, usually amassed over many years. When I moved to Paris, I had to leave most of my books at home in Dallas due to weight restrictions. One day I’ll be reunited with my collection of books. This morning I was flipping through some of the books here and started thinking about my five favorite coffee table books about France.

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Five Friday Finds from France: March 27th

Five Friday Finds from France White Cherry Blossoms

Another week has flown by in Normandy. I’m continuing to learn a lot from my full-on intergenerational French language and lifestyle immersion. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France include a French pharmacy staple that’s been saving my life, a novella to add to my reading list of books about Paris and France, and a few shared culinary experiences ‘à table.’ As we continue to stay at home, I hope everyone is staying entertained and safe!

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