Five Friday Finds from France: June 5th

June Five Friday Finds from France Peonies in Paris. This week includes Ruinart's new eco-packaging

The last time I wrote a Five Friday Finds from France from a café in Paris it was March 13th. It’s probably not a surprise that I’m on the same exact terrasse right now, however I wasn’t expecting the heaters to still be on, especially after the warm weather we’ve been having. The first June Five Friday Finds from France features a fabulous article about Loïs Mailou Jones and the “other” Lost Generation of Black American artists in Paris, Ruinart’s new eco-packaging, a link to a free version of Christian Dior’s 1972 cookbook, and more.

The “Other” Lost Generation of Black American Artists in Paris

I hope you’ll read this article about Loïs Mailou Jones and the “other” Lost Generation of Black American artists in Paris. I’m so happy to learn about Mailou Jones’ art and story, including her Parisian-style salon “The Little Paris Group.”

Black American Artist in Paris Loïs Mailou Joneses Jardin du Luxembourg painting
Jardin du Luxembourg Lois Maïlou Jones 1948
Loïs Mailou Jones, a Black American artist in Paris

A quote from Loïs Mailou Jones on her early years in Paris:

“The French were so inspiring. The people would stand and watch me and say ‘mademoiselle, you are so very talented. You are so wonderful.’ In other words, the color of my skin didn’t matter in Paris and that was one of the main reasons why I think I was encouraged and began to really think I was talented.”

The article also touches on other Black American artists like musician Herbert Gentry and painter Beauford Delaney.

Christian Dior: La Cuisine Cousu-Main Cookbook

My fascination with Christian Dior as a person continues, especially after revisiting the garden at his childhood home in Granville last weekend. This week I discovered that like myself, he was gourmand.

Christian Dior Cookbook
© 2020 Dior

Christian Dior wrote a cookbook called La Cuisine Cousu-Main, which translates to tailor-made cuisine. The original cookbook was released in 1972, 15 years after Dior’s death. Recently, Dior released a free digital version of the cookbook in both French and English. The e-book includes a guide to different types of lettuce and a culinary index at the end, making it a book for cooks of all levels. I’m going to make something this weekend – I’m thinking the Œufs Pochés Pompadour.

If you’re in Granville, be sure to stop by the Musée Christian Dior and also the tearoom La Bonne Aventure, where they use herbs and flowers from the garden.

Quiet Corners of Paris

During the past several weeks I’ve seen a version of Paris that I truly didn’t know existed. It’s been so quiet and tranquil and feels like a real glimpse into a Paris of the past. With the reopening of café terrasses the city is coming back to life, but it’s nowhere close to feeling like normal.

Quiet Corners of Paris

The book Quiet Corners of Paris features over 80 (oftentimes hidden) places to enjoy a moment of calm in the French capital. It’s a perfect book to add to your collection and to reference on a future trip to Paris whenever you need or want to slow down the pace.

Ruinart’s New Eco-Packaging

Starting tomorrow at La Grande Épicerie you’ll be able to preview Ruinart’s new eco-friendly alternative to gift boxes. The 100% paper second-skin case molds to the shape of the bottle. The design inspiration comes from the color and texture of the Crayères at Maison Ruinart.

Ruinart's New Eco-Packaging
© 2020 Ruinart

This case, made of natural wood fibers from European eco-managed forests, weighs nine times less than its predecessor (perfect for packing in a suitcase 😉). Ruinart is the oldest established Champagne house and I am continually impressed by their commitment to sustainability and innovation, especially with the new eco-packaging.

American Airlines Increasing International Flights

Last but not least in this week’s Five Friday Finds from France is something that is exciting news on a personal front – American Airlines is adding more international flights. As of yesterday, direct flights between Paris and Dallas are back. I’m still not sure when I’ll go home next, but it’s nice to have the option.

As a total side – this morning a lady who was on my flight the last time I went home in December walked by where I was sitting. It’s crazy how small the world can be at times.

I hope you enjoyed the first June Five Friday Finds from France and have a great weekend!

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