A French-Inspired Easter

a french-inspired easter white cherry blossoms in normandy

This is my third Easter in France. Due to lockdowns, each Easter has been a little bit different but we’ve always managed to celebrate with a delicious meal. In my experience lamb and chocolate are two absolute Easter must-haves, and luckily those both can be modified in many different ways to have a French-inspired Easter celebration no matter where you are and who you’re celebrating with.

We’re currently locked down in Paris and there’s a major emphasis on limiting indoor gatherings, so this year it will just be me, Romain, and Dalton. Romain and I have done huge Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinners for two this year, which were so special and wonderful, but also a lot of work. I’m honestly on the fence about doing a big Easter lunch for two or just doing something super simple. Since I myself haven’t decided what to do yet, I wanted to include several ways to have a French-Inspired Easter whether you’re celebrating alone, with a few friends or more.

pink cherry blossoms in normandy

A French-Inspired Easter Celebration


My French Easter celebrations have always involved lamb. For my first, we were in Normandy and went to a great restaurant that had agneau de pré-salé, which has a delicious taste because the lambs are raised in the salt marsh meadows near Mont Saint-Michel.

Last year we had a gigot d’agneau, which is a lamb leg and probably the most traditional French Easter option. If you have a crowd (or don’t mind leftovers) and have the time, I highly recommend trying a seven hour leg of lamb. If you don’t have quite as much time, I love this recipe with anchovies, garlic, and rosemary. My family actually made the last recipe a few years ago and my parents have a big roasting pan. If you don’t, a Le Creuset dutch oven would be great too.

french easter lamb recipe

Since it’s just two (three, Dalton counts) of us this year, we’re probably going to go super easy and have lamb chops (which I love). That way we can focus more on the sides…

Potatoes pair perfectly with just about everything in my opinion, but they’re especially good with lamb and in any form. Whether they’re mashed, roasted, or fried there will be some sort of potato involved on Easter Sunday. Right now my top choice is a Gratin Dauphinois.


Pretty much right after Valentine’s Day you start seeing the Easter chocolate in stores all around France. It’s so hard to resist all of the adorable and intricate eggs, bunnies, and chicks. This year I’m especially dying to try the Araguani smoked chocolate puff pastry from the Peninsula Paris – oh my gosh it looks incredible.

pierre herme gateau suzy recipe

Last year we made the Pierre Hermé Gâteau Suzy chocolate cake and that is pretty hard to resist. It would be dangerous to make for two people because I know I’d end up eating way too much.

If you’re not really a chocolate person, check out Molly Wilkinson’s recipe for a carrot cake cinnamon cheesecake. It looks absolutely incredible. Plus I always tell myself carrot cake is healthy! 😊

Oeufs Mimosa Easter Eggs

When I’m celebrating Easter with my family at home we always have deviled eggs which I adore. I’ll probably make regular deviled eggs because I love the extra kick and flavor, but if you wanted to keep your Easter French-inspired you could make Oeufs Mimosa.

oeufs mimosa

My mom sent me a really cool way that you can naturally dye your eggs if you want to take it to the next level! It would be a fun way to add some color to the table.

French-Inspired Easter Table Ideas
19th century ch. pillivuyt et cie plates

Speaking of the table, Easter is the perfect occasion to set a really bright and beautiful table. Anything blue and white always looks great, but this year I’m thinking something more pink. For a French-inspired Easter I really love this floral 19th century Vieux Paris Ch. Pillivuyt et Cie pattern as well as these pink Haviland florals.

majolica fruit and vegetable knife rests
french hand-embroidered floral napkins

If you’re keeping your dishes simple, these Majolica Fruit and Vegetable Knife Rests or hand-embroidered floral napkins would be a cute way to add a little bit of spring to the table.

French Wines

Last but not least, no French-inspired Easter meal would be complete without a little wine. Starting the meal with champagne is always appropriate. While red wine pairs best with the lamb, I think Easter is the unofficial kickoff of rosé season – at least for me.

Wine.com has a great selection of French wines. Ruinart is one of my favorite champagnes and two of my favorite rosés are Château Minuty and Domaines Ott (which is on sale).

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or just want to have a French-inspired lunch, I hope this helps to give you a few ideas!

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