The Time Between Christmas and the New Year in Paris

pink december flowers in paris

The gap between Christmas and the New Year gets me every year. There are usually things that need to be done, and I usually don’t have a lot of motivation to accomplish them. This year, the time between Christmas and the New Year feels different in Paris. I think because Christmas was on Friday and I had the weekend to rest I feel like I need to do something now. Although I would like to do nothing.

It’s that weird time where anything and everything goes. Every day feels like a rainy Sunday, and that’s okay. I’ve practically been living in the loungewear that I got for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas…

My First Christmas in Paris

My first Christmas in Paris was really nice. Christmas Eve was a little busier than I would’ve liked, but apparently that’s normal. I had some last-minute shopping and then underestimated how long it would take to make a double batch of blinis. Luckily all stress disappeared as soon as we opened a bottle of champagne.

Romain and I enjoyed dinner by the fire and tree, read Christmas stories in French and English, and made cookies for Santa.

On Christmas morning, instead of feeling sad (which I expected to), I was really happy. My tree is filled with ornaments that symbolize special moments and memories with my family and friends. It sounds cheesy, but looking at the tree made me feel less alone.

la fregate cafe paris

I decided to enjoy the sunshine and go for a run (which I 100% would’ve never imagined myself doing on Christmas morning). Afterwards, I had a very hot and very delicious espresso from La Frégate and got my first (official) Joyeux Noël greeting. La Frégate has been open every single day throughout the confinements and lockdowns this year and I’m so appreciative. Without them, I would’ve for sure been forced to buy a Nespresso machine. But there’s just something about having my morning coffee at a café in Paris, even if it’s in a paper cup.

I picked up baguettes (still hot from the oven) and went to Romain’s family’s house for Christmas lunch. It felt like a fitting end to 2020 sharing one last laughter-filled meal with the Normandy lockdown crew.

The Last Week of 2020

eiffel tower sunset paris

I’ve been lucky in my professional life that the time between Christmas and the New Year has always been either off or slow. Now that I work for myself, I’m trying my hardest to be slightly productive…but it’s a been challenge.

I loved having a very windy, cold, and rainy Sunday so I didn’t feel guilty about not leaving the apartment. There’s something about Paris that makes me feel like I need to go and see and do – even if that means simply taking a walk. But with a lot of places closed there’s really not that much to see and do.

If I “accomplish” one or two things per day this week, that’s enough for me. I think a break is just what the doctor ordered for the time between Christmas and the New Year this year. Instagram might be a little thin this week, but I promise I’ll be back recharged and ready after saying au revoir to 2020.


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