Why I Moved to Paris

Relais Saint Germain

People often ask why I moved to Paris. I didn’t come to my decision quickly at all, and ultimately it took me six years to move.

My First Trip to Paris

In Summer 2009 I first visited Paris with my family. I liked the city and really enjoyed myself, but never in a million years did I expect to live here (or have any desire to). I wanted to do a semester in Madrid, but that didn’t work out. Paris was my only other option, so I went.

Semester Abroad in Paris

In Fall 2012, I arrived to study Business and International Affairs at IES. That’s when I really fell in love with Paris. I couldn’t speak a word of French, but I never stopped exploring. I couldn’t get enough of the city.

David Lebovitz’s “Paris Pastry” App was my only guide. I ate the best of the best in terms of pastries, and saw every part of Paris. It also taught me about balance, because at some point my clothes got a little snug.

I lived with my aunt and her family, which was a major factor into my eventual move. We ate dinner together every night and they always made me feel a part of their family. Without their support, advice, and hospitality over the years I probably wouldn’t have felt so at ease in this foreign place.

Why I Moved to Paris: red cafe chairs

I studied in Paris again in Summer 2013 with friends from my university. That summer, I first thought about actually living in Paris. I knew the city and I had my favorite spots and my own little routines that I picked right back up.

Afterwards I returned as often as I could – whether for work or pleasure, with friends or alone. Being in Paris gave me a feeling of self-awareness that I’d never felt before. Suddenly, I could do things that I never thought possible. And I did these things usually alone and in a foreign country. Being here felt comfortable and right for me. Each time I left with an anxious feeling…different than anything I’d ever felt before.

The Decision to Move to Paris

I threw around the idea of moving to Paris for a while. Time after time I came up with things that were in the way whether work, an apartment lease, or me just being nervous to actually pull the trigger and leave behind my family, friends, and life in Dallas behind.

Why I Moved To Paris: Pont Alexandre III at sunset

When I finally decided to move, I gave myself a year to prepare. I knew I had to talk about the move as a way to pressure myself into actually following through. Looking back, I should’ve probably given myself closer to six months to prepare, because once I committed to the idea I was ready to go. Plus, the longer I waited, the longer I questioned myself and my decision.

Ultimately, I remembered that moving was my choice, and if I didn’t try it now and push myself out of the box I may never. So with lots of encouragement from my family and friends, and after working through a lot of logistical issues, I officially moved to Paris, for real, in August 2018.


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