Weekend Links: Week Eleven

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since “normal.” I’m honestly trying not to think about it too much, because in France I don’t feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is as bright as it is in the US. Weekend Links Week Eleven features articles about the current situation in France, as well as fun clips of the Chanel show, candidates for France’s favorite village in 2021, how to smell like Picasso, and several tours of gorgeous Parisian spaces.

COVID-19 Situation in Paris Region Very Worrying, Minister Says

Paris Fashion Week 2021: Chanel Hits Slopes — and Dancefloor

Kerry Wants World’s Biggest Polluters to Pledge Real Change

French Daily COVID Cases Rise Above 30,000 for First Time in Two Weeks

Meet The 14 Candidates For France’s Favorite Village Of 2021

French Chemists Discover the Science Behind the Perfect Red Wine Pairing

Historic Paris Apartment Gets Wrapped in Soft Minimalism

Intensive Care Crisis Hits Paris as Covid Cases Rise

How French Women are Reclaiming the Streets of Paris

France Eases COVID-19 Restrictions on International Travel

pink door in paris

Talks with John Kerry, France’s Teen Violence Problem and Celebrating Women’s Day

Paris Teenagers Arrested After Body of Girl, 14, Found in Seine

Le, La But Not ‘They’: An Explainer On France’s Language Problem

Following Legal Dispute, Restituted Pissarro Recovered From Toll Collection To Sell at Auction

Ski Holidays and Parisian Chic Collide in Chanel’s Latest Collection

What Your Chardonnay’s Hue Says About How It Was Made

Dive into this Colourful Parisian Office Space – Complete with Pool

Chantal Guillon’s Popular Parisian Macarons Make a Comeback in the Bay Area

10 French Wine Regions to Visit for Amazing Views and Delicious Vinos

Practice Your French While Time Travelling through Paris

rue des saints-peres flowers

Chanel’s Parisian Nightclub Film Will Make You Yearn For The Coat Check

‘Barefoot Contessa’: Ina Garten’s Easy Tartines Recipe Reminds Her of ‘Amazing Trip’ With Husband Jeffrey

For French Wine Pros, Covid Smell Loss Is An ‘Amputation’

The Debut of HRLM Champagne Celebrates Harlem’s Heritage

Paris Apartment Renovation Reveals Hidden Revolutionary Frescoes

San Antonio Now has a Robust French Dining Scene after more than a Decade with Brasserie Mon Chou Chou, Bistr09, La Frite and More

How To Smell Like Picasso

Six Adorable Villages Beloved By The French

Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow, opens for Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week

eiffel tower cherry blossoms

Traversing The Base Of The Burgundy Wine Pyramid

What’s The Difference Between Regular Coffee And Espresso?

‘Vive la France’ in Austin, as an Old House Finds New Life

Understanding Cognac: The Spirit and Lifeblood of France

What 38 Designers, Photographers, and Other Insiders Missed Most About Paris Fashion Week

French Elite Trembles as ‘Madame Valérie’ Bares Secrets of Paris’s Swingers’ Salon

Krug Champagne’s Latest (And Very Humble) Single Ingredient Will Surprise You

Alice Verbene in France: How To Read a French Wine Label Like a Connoisseur, Pt. 1

Parisian Family Home with a Literary Legacy

Award-Winning Sommelier Launches Online Bubbleshop With Best Grower Champagnes

Off Beer, Bed Bugs And Borders In Flux: A View From France After 1 Year Of Covid-19

I hope you enjoyed week eleven of Weekend Links! I’d love to hear which articles about France were your favorites. Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. Bon week-end à tous et à toutes!

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