Five Friday Finds from France: March 12th

palais royal magnolias featuring the hotel magique for anthropologie glasses

This week spring blooms have continued to pop up around Paris. It’s a very welcome sight, and especially against the increasingly grey sky. We have lots of rain predicted in the forecast for the next week and afterwards I’m sure the city will be looking especially green. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France includes Le Voltaire’s à emporter menu, the best umbrella for Paris, an adorable set of Hotel Magique for Anthropologie French-inspired glasses and more.

Le Voltaire à Emporter

le voltaire à emporter smoked salmon

My favorite place in Paris is officially open for vente à emporter. It feels like a taste of normal life again, even though we’re still a bit from normal. Last weekend we had some of their delicious house-smoked salmon and this week I’m tempted to try the special boeuf bourguignon. With a side of the most delicious, buttery mashed potatoes in Paris, bien sûr. You can see their takeaway menu, including drinks, here.

The Eiffel Tower’s Makeover

eiffel tower cherry blossoms

If you follow along with my Weekend Links series you might already know that the Eiffel Tower is getting a makeover – a fresh new coat of paint. On Sunday I visited the Champ de Mars and saw the Iron Lady up close for the first time in a while. It almost looks like it has big Eiffel Tower-style bandaids all over it. It’ll be so exciting to see the big reveal when they’re finished.

Hotel Magique x Anthropologie

hotel magique for anthropologie glasses

Even though it’s been chilly, the nicer weather has me dreaming of summer nights and gatherings with loved ones. The gathering I have in my head includes these Hotel Magique for Anthropologie Petit-Dejeuner Glasses. They’re adorable, happy, and could be used for anything from a morning glass of orange juice to an evening margarita. I love that they’re all different so you don’t have to worry about anyone taking your drink.

The entire Hotel Magique for Anthropologie collection is really fun – other favorites include this Savon Soap and Dish Set (would be a great hostess gift), these journals, and my favorite of all – the Bonjour Bonsoir Bath Mat.

The Best Umbrella for Paris

the best umbrella for paris

I have the best umbrella for Paris, which I was reminded of after spending a few days trudging through the rain and lots of wind. It’s called the ShedRain WindPro for a reason apparently. I honestly have no idea where or when I got it, but I’ve had it for a long time. The reason it’s perfect for Paris is it’s super compact but durable, so it’s not a huge commitment to carry around with you all day. It opens and closes super quickly and it really does hold up in a lot of wind.

My Favorite Baguette

my favorite baguette

I’m not sure I’ve found my favorite baguette in France yet, but I do know what I like. It’s a baguette tradition or baguette a l’ancienne, pictured here. All baguettes are not created equally and these are the best. Made using only four ingredients (it’s a law), baguettes a l’ancienne contain just flour, water, salt, and leavening. They’re made by hand so each is a little different, which I love. I like my baguette pas trop cuite – not too cooked and soft.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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