One Year of the Pandemic in France

one year of the pandemic in france carolles sunset

The pandemic has been in France and around the world for more than a year, but for me today is the anniversary. On the evening of March 16th, 2020 President Macron announced the first lockdown, for an initial period of 15 days. Romain, Dalton and I were already in Normandy, soon to be joined by more of Romain’s family.

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Dîner Cousu-Main in the Garden at Musée Christian Dior

Garden of Musée Christian Dior in Granville

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the second Dîner Cousu-Main in the garden at Musée Christian Dior in Granville. The dinner at La Bonne Aventure together with Mauviel 1830 featured Granville-native Chef Alex Néel and a meal inspired by both Christian Dior’s La Cuisine Cousu-Main cookbook and local products.

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Granville: La Haute Ville

View from the top of Granville La Haute Ville

No trip to La Manche in Normandy would be complete without a stop in Granville, the Monaco du Nord. It’s a perfect Normandy beach town with plenty to see from the port to the picturesque seaside streets, shops, and restaurants, Musée Christian Dior and more. One thing I absolutely wouldn’t miss is a walk around La Haute Ville, the upper city of Granville.

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Confinement Week Two in Normandy

Week Two of Confinement in Normandy

Like the first week, week two of our COVID-19 confinement in Normandy flew by. Or at least looking back it feels like it did. I think the expression “the days are long but the weeks are short” will probably apply to our time here. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a movie, but luckily it’s a comedy.

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Five Friday Finds from France: March 27th

Five Friday Finds from France White Cherry Blossoms

Another week has flown by in Normandy. I’m continuing to learn a lot from my full-on intergenerational French language and lifestyle immersion. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France include a French pharmacy staple that’s been saving my life, a novella to add to my reading list of books about Paris and France, and a few shared culinary experiences ‘à table.’ As we continue to stay at home, I hope everyone is staying entertained and safe!

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