Still in Normandy

Still in Normandy Carolles beach

It’s September 2nd and I’m still in Normandy. We’d planned to come at the end of August for one last weekend of summer. Surprise, surprise, we’re still here. September is such a great month for a little bit of summer without the crowds and I’m soaking up every moment before heading back to Paris.

I came to Normandy early for the Diner Cousu-Main at La Bonne Aventure in the garden of Musée Christian Dior. It was a lovely evening and a definite highlight from last week. Since then, the weather has been iffy, which is apparently typical for the last couple of weeks in August.

Carolles beach from La Croix Paqueray

Even a few days of the not-so-great weather made me re-appreciate that during the confinement the weather was uncharacteristically perfect. As in it literally didn’t rain until May. I think perspective is always important, but especially so in 2020.

And while I’m so happy to still be in Normandy, we didn’t just stay for fun. We’re helping with an end of summer clean out, but of course have made plenty of time for fun outings. My favorite outings of course involve Dalton. He’s been having a daily afternoon snack of either a gaufre or crêpe (always documented on Instagram stories) and yesterday he finally got to go back on the beach and in the water. (Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches here from August 1st until September 1st during the height of les vacances).

Dalton on the beach

It’s hard to believe that soon it’ll be fully fall again, but I know it’s coming. Some of the ivy on the houses here is already starting to turn yellow, orange, and even red. It seems like just yesterday spring was arriving and the ivy was starting to become green again. It’s equally hard to believe that I went an entire summer without going home. As much as I love fall, its arrival makes the passage of time more real.

Dalton nose scrunch

For now I’m trying to be less concerned with how quickly the time has passed and more focused on enjoying all of the good things right now – Dalton’s nose-scrunch and smile, friends and family near and far, late-summer tomatoes and zucchini, the sound of crashing waves, lots of good food, and of course, the fact that I’m still in Normandy.

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