Five Friday Finds from France: September 4th

Five Friday Finds from France Louvre Sunset

Another (unexpected) week in Normandy has flown by and I can still hardly believe that it’s September. I love our time here as always but I’m anxious to get back to Paris and start experiencing fall there. This week’s Five Friday Finds from France features two new books that I’m dying to add to my collection, a free Alliance Française course, a Tour de French Cuisine and more!

Tour de French Cuisine

Tour de French Cuisine
Photo: Claudine Hemingway

I’m pretty much obsessed with anything Claudine Hemingway does, and even though we haven’t met (yet), she’s one of my best Instagram friends. I was especially excited to learn about her Tour de French Cuisine which coincides with the Tour de France in her newsletter this week. Claudine is an expert in all things France and with this project she combined her love for France, French history, and French cuisine. You can check out her Tour de French Cuisine here. Make sure to check out her website (she offers tours in Paris!), Instagram, her weekly podcast with Krystal Kenney, and if you want a little extra, she offers memberships here!

St. Tropez Soleil

St. Tropez Soleil book Five Friday Finds from France

I’m clearly trying to hold onto the last moments of summer because I decided I need to add St. Tropez Soleil to my ever growing book collection. I love the vibrant portraits of past and present and you can almost feel the energy of St. Tropez through the pages. When I first visited eight years ago it was at the end of the season and without the crowds which was just how I liked it. I don’t think it’s going to happen this year, but in a dream world I’d love to sneak in a last-minute weekend trip. On verra!

Mushroom Hunting in Normandy

Five Friday Finds from France mushroom hunting

When Romain’s mom mentioned they were going mushroom hunting on September 1st I immediately asked if I could join. I don’t even really like mushrooms that much (a texture thing), but it just sounded so fun. Even though we came up empty-handed (it was too dry) it was a memorable experience. I didn’t know cèpes grew here, and I’m dying to try again at some point.

A Free Alliance Française French Class

Alliance Française French Class Five Friday Finds from France

If you’ve been wanting to practice French, now is the perfect moment to start. Next Friday September 11th, Alliance Française in Paris is offering a free 45-minute French lesson via Zoom. The best part is, if you enjoy the course they’re offering an additional discount on future courses or workshops. All you have to do is register here and they’ll email you a Zoom link 24 hours before the class starts.

Jacquemus’ Images

Jacquemus Images book
Jacquemus Images book

Another book that I’m dying to add to my collection is Jacquemus’ Images. The books is designer Simon Porte Jacquemus’ second and is a collection of 321 out of 85,041 images taken from his iPhone since 2010. I love everything that I’ve seen so far and love the idea of creating a book just from iPhone images. The book is currently waitlisted here.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Five Friday Finds from France. I’ll be back tomorrow with Weekend Links!

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