Snow in Montmartre

snow in montmartre

The temperatures dropped pretty significantly over the weekend in Paris. From Sunday on I’ve noticed the tiniest bit of snow each day, even though it wasn’t sticking. Yesterday I was very surprised to come out of the Métro to see the snow falling in Montmartre. Even though it barely stuck, it was pretty to watch. Overnight even more snow fell so we woke up to Paris covered in a blanket of white.

I’ve been lucky enough to see snow in Paris several times before (including this year – you can see photos here). I don’t think there’s anything prettier than the snow in Montmartre. It’s such a romantic part of the city and really feels like “old Paris” – especially without crowds of people.

Snow in Montmartre

snow sacré-coeur
snowy bar in montmartre
view from montmartre in the snow
snowy steps montmartre

I started my walk at the base of Sacré-Cœur. Even though it may seem like such a “touristy” location, I adored seeing the carrousel next to a blanket of snow and the beautiful church in the background. I don’t know how I got so lucky today, but there was even a blue sky.

The gates to Square Louise Michel, the green space on the hill leading up to Sacré-Cœur, were closed so I walked up the side stairs. There were lots of children with sleds ready to play in the snow and even someone attempting to ski. He probably would’ve been better off on the grass. (There are videos at the end of this post).

parisian rooftops covered in snow
snow in montmartre
winter sky in montmartre
red building snow in montmartre
snow in montmartre eiffel tower view
person walking in the snow in montmartre

It definitely felt like a “pinch me” moment when I arrived at the top of the stairs. To see sunshine, the Parisian rooftops dusted with snow, and smoke coming out of the chimneys really felt like being in a movie. I walked around for a few minutes to get a good taste of the snow in Montmartre. Like me, people everywhere were snapping photos. I think now more than ever we’re all appreciating the joy that a little snow can bring.

frozen wallace fountain in montmartre
snow in montmartre
blue sky and sacre coeur in the snow

It was a fleeting but completely wonderful experience. By the time I made it back down the stairs the sky was bright blue and the snow already melting in places.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and videos of the snow in Montmartre. I don’t know if we’ll get more snow in Paris this year or not…but my fingers are crossed that we do!


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